Zulu War VC Recipients

23 VC’s were awarded for actions during the “Zulu War” of 1879, mainly for the actions at Rorke’s Drift as well as Isandlwana, two of these were awarded Posthumously (Melvill and Coghill). Links open in a new page at Victoriacrossonline

William Wilson Allen 22-23/01/1879  Rorke’s Drift
Gonville Bromhead  22-23/01/1879  Rorke’s Drift
John Rouse Merriott Chard  22-23/01/1879  Rorke’s Drift
James Dalton  22-23/01/1879  Rorke’s Drift
Frederick Hitch 22-23/01/1879  Rorke’s Drift
Alfred Hook  22-23/01/1879  Rorke’s Drift
Robert Jones  22-23/01/1879  Rorke’s Drift
William Jones  22-23/01/1879  Rorke’s Drift
James Reynolds  22-23/01/1879  Rorke’s Drift
 Christian Schiess  22-23/01/1879  Rorke’s Drift
 John Williams (Born Fielding)  22-23/01/1879  Rorke’s Drift

Rorke’s Drift Graves

William Wilson Allen VC
1843 – 12/03/1890
Monmouth Cemetery, Wales.

John Rouse Merriott Chard
21/12/1847 – 01/11/1897
St John the Baptist Churchyard, Hatch Beauchamp
Asst. Commissary James Langley Dalton VC. 08 Jan 1887 Russell Road RC Cemetery. Photo Courtesy of Glenn Olsen
James Langley Dalton VC.
1833 – 07/01/1887
Russell Road RC Cemetery.
Photo Courtesy of Glenn Olsen
Alfred Henry Hook. VC 12 March 1905 Churcham, Gloucestershire
Alfred Henry Hook. VC
06/08/1850 – 12/03/1905
Churcham, Gloucestershire
Robert Jones VC
19/08/1857 –  06/09/1898
Peterchurch Churchyard,

James Reynolds VC 03/02/1844 - 04/03/1932 St Mary's RC Cem, London
James Reynolds VC
03/02/1844 – 04/03/1932
St Mary’s RC Cem, London

Frederick Hitch VC
27/11/1856 – 06/01/1913
St Nicholas Churchyard, Chiswick.


William Beresford  03/07/1879  White Umfolozi River
Henry D’Arcy  03/07/1879  White Umfolozi River
Edmund O’Toole  03/07/1879  White Umfolozi River
Anthony Booth  12/03/1879  Intombe
Edward Browne  28/03/1879  Khambula
Redvers Henry Buller  18/03/1879  Hlobane
Edmund John Fowler  28/03/1879  Hlobane
William Knox-Leet  28/03/1879  Hlobane
Henry Lysons  28/03/1879  Hlobane
Nevill Coghill  22/01/1879  Isandlwana
Samuel Wassall  22/01/1879  Isandlwana
Teignmouth Melvill  22/01/1879  Isandlwana

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