Victoria Cross Graves in Southern Africa

These images of Victoria Cross Graves and memorials in Southern Africa, and of Victoria Cross graves of South Africans, have been taken by a variety of photographers and I would like to thank them all for their contributions. Some are linked to the relevant Egssa pages directly, and that is because I do not have permission to use the actual photograph, but can only link to the image. There are still a number of graves out there that have not been photographed, so if you see one, grab a pic, because tomorrow it many not be there anymore.  (These pages are in the process of being moved so may not always work)

John Francis David Shaul. VC.
11/09/1873 – 14/09/1953
Boksburg Cemetery

Capt. David Reginald Younger. VC.
17/03/1871 – 11/07/1900
Burgershoop Cemetery

Lt. Fred H.S. Roberts. VC.
08/01/1872 – 17/12/1899
Chievely Military Cemetery
Grave photo courtesy of Eric Leach

FlLt. A.F.W. Beauchamp-Proctor. VC.
04/09/1894 – 21/06/1921
Mafikeng Cemetery
Photo Courtesy of Terry Cawood

Capt. Oswald Austin Reid. VC.
02/11/1893 – 27/10/1920
Braamfontein Cemetery
Image by Derek Walker

Frank William Baxter VC
29/12/1869 – 22/04/1896
Bulawayo Town Cemetery
Image courtesy of Gerry Van Tonder

Col. Edmund Hartley. VC.
06/05/1847 – 20/03/1919
Brookwood Cemetery; UK.
Photo Courtesy of Kevin Brazier

Lt Col. John Sherwood Kelly. VC.
13/01/1880 – 18/08/1931
Brookwood Cemetery; UK
Photo Courtesy of Kevin Brazier

James Langley Dalton VC.
1833 – 07/01/1887
Russell Road RC Cemetery.
Photo Courtesy of Glenn Olsen

Capt. R.H. de Montmorency VC.
05/02/1867 – 23/02/1900
Photo Courtesy of Eric Leach

Capt. Charles H Mullins. VC CMG.
28/06/1869 – 24/05/1916
Grahamstown Old Cemetery
Photo Courtesy of Eric Leach

Joseph Malone VC
11/01/1833 – 28/06/1883
St Andrew’s Churchyard, Pinetown 
Image courtesy of Shelly Baker

Cpl John James Clements VC.
19/06/1872 – 03/03/1940
Newcastle Town Cemetery
Photo Courtesy of Terry Cawood

Lt-Col JPH Crowe VC.
12/01/1826 – 12/04/1876
Jubilee Park Cem, Uitenhage
Photo Courtesy of Ronnie Lovemore

Lt Teignmouth Melvill
Lt Nevill Coghill
Fugitive’s Drift
Photo Courtesy of Ian Uys

Colour Sgt James Craig VC.
10/09/1824 – 18/03/1861
St. Mary’s Cemetery, PE
Photo Courtesy of Ronnie Lovemore

Lt Robert Vaughan Gorle VC
06/03/1896 – 10/01/1937
Stellawood Cemetery
Photo Courtesy of Shelly Baker

Pte John Barry VC
01/02/1873 – 08/01/1901
Belfast War Cemetery
Photo Courtesy of Terry Cawood

William Dick-Cunyngham VC
16/06/1851 – 06/01/1900
Ladysmith Cemetery, KZN
Image courtesy of Terry Cawood

Gustavus Coulson VC,
01/04/1879 – 18/05/1901
Lambrechtfontein Cemetery
Image through Terry Cawood.

Sgt. Alfred Atkinson VC
06/02/1874 – 21/02/1900
Paardeberg, Free State
Image courtesy of Terry Cawood

Robert Thomas Digby-Jones VC
27/09/1876 – 06/01/1900
Ladysmith Cemetery KZN.
Image courtesy of Terry Cawood

Herbert Stephen Henderson VC
30/03/1870 – 10/08/1942
Bulawayo Town Cemetery.
Image courtesy of Gerry Van Tonder

Captain Henry Cecil Dudgeon D’Arcy,
11/08/1850 – 10/1881
King William’s Town
Photo Courtesy of Terry Cawood

Randolph Cosby Nesbitt VC
20/09/1867 – 23/07/1956
Anglican Cathedral, Harare, Zimbabwe
Image cuortesy of Gerry Van Tonder

WF Faulds VC
Memorial Stone.
National Memorial Arboretum

Reginald Hayward VC
Memorial Stone
National Memorial Arboretum

Sgt Robert Scott VC.
Plumstead Cemetery
External link vconline

Driver H. Glasock VC.
Maitland Cemetery
External link vconline

Capt W. Bloomfield
Ermelo Cemetery
External link vconline

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