Victoria Cross Graves Elsewhere

This page is for South Africans who were awarded the Victoria Cross and who were buried outside of South Africa,  or are commemorated on a memorial elsewhere.

Page is still under construction

Special thanks must go Mark Green for the images that he has allowed me to use. Mark is also the owner of Victoriacrossonline website. Also special thanks to Kevin Brazier, author of “The COMPLETE VICTORIA CROSS, A Full Chronological Record of All Holders of Britain’s Highest Award for Gallantry”, who was exceptionally helpful in my grave hunting, Images open in a new page or new window.

Clement Robertson VC
15/12/1890 – 04/10/1917
Oxford Road Cemetery,
Ypres, Belgium

Capt. Edwin Swales. VC.
03/07/1915 – 23/02/1945
Leopoldsburg War Cemetery
Photo Courtesy of Jim Mandelblatt

Alexander Young VC
27/01/1873 – 19/10/1916
Thiepval Memorial, pier 4 face C
Image courtesy of Mark Green

John Danagher. VC.
25/06/1860 – 09/01/1919
Portsmouth Milton Cemetery

Noel Godfrey Chavasse VC*, MC
09/11/1884 – 04/08/1917
Brandhoek New Military Cemetery
Clarence Smith Jeffries VC
26/10/1894 – 12/10/1917
Tyne Cot Cemetery,
Passchendale, Belgium
Lewis McGee VC.
13/05/1888 – 12/10/1917
Tyne Cot Cemetery,
Zonnebeke, Belgium
James Peter Robertson VC
26/10/1883 – 06/11/1917
Tyne Cot Cemetery,
Passchendale, Belgium
Harold Ackroyd VC, MC
18/07/1877 – 11/08/1917
Burr Cross Roads Cemetery
Zillebeke, Belgium
Frederick Birks VC, MM
31/08/1894 – 21/09/1917
Perth Cemetery
Ypres, Belgium 
Patrick Joseph Bugden VC
17/03/1897 – 28/09/1917
Hooge Crater Cemetery
Zillebeke, Belgium
Nelson Victor Carter VC
09/04/1887 – 30/06/1916
Royal Irish Rifles Churchyard
Lavente, France
Frederick Harold Tubb VC.
28/11/1881 – 20/09/1917
Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery,
Lijssenthoek, Belgium
James Llewellyn Davies VC
16/03/1886 – 31/07/1917
Canada Farm Cemetery,
Elverdinghe, Belgium
Eric Stuart Dougall VC, MC
13/04/1886 – 14/04/1918
Westoutre British Cemetery,
Heuvelland, Belgium
Alfred George Drake VC
10/12/1893 – 23/11/1915
La Brique Military Cemetery
Ypres, Belgium
Bertram Best-Dunkley VC
03/08/1890 – 05/08/1917
Mendingham Military cemetery,
Proven, Belgium
Thomas Riversdale Colyer-Fergusson VC
18/02/1896 – 31/07/1917
Menin Road South Cemetery,
Ypres, Belgium
Francis Octavius Grenfell VC
04/09/1880 – 24/05/1915
Vlamertinghe Military Cemetery
Ypres, Belgium.
Louis McGuffie VC
15/03/1893 – 04/10/1918
Zantvoorde British Cemetery
Rupert Price Hallowes VC, MC
05/05/1881 – 30/09/1915
Bedford House Cemetery
Zillebeke, Belgium
William Henry Johnston VC
21/12/1879 – 08/06/1915
Perth Cemetery,
Ypres, Belgium
John Lynn VC, DCM
1887 – 03/05/1915
Grootbeek Cemetery,
Donald Mackintosh VC
07/02/1896 – 11/04/1917
Brown’s Copse Cemetery,
Roeux, France
Francis Aylmer Maxwell VC, CSI, DSO
07/09/1871 – 21/09/1917
Ypres Reservoir Cemetery,
Ypres, Belgium
John Norwood VC
08/09/1876 – 08/09/1914
Plot 4, Sablonnieres Communal Cemetery,
James McCudden VC, DSO*, MC*, MM.
28/03/1895 – 09/07/1918
British War Cemetery, Beauvoir-Wavans.

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