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The vessels are double ended with a wheelhouse on either end and a central engine room with an open lower deck and an enclosed upper. 
Rough dimensions are: Length Overall 36.28m, Extreme Breadth 8.57m, Net tonnage: 39.69, Gross Tonnage 164.01, Passenger capacity 551, Minimum crew 5.
They were all built at Hong Kong & Whampoa Shipyards. Golden Star and World Star were built in 1989 by Wang Tak Engineering & Shipbuilding Ltd and can carry 762 as opposed to 576 for the rest of the fleet. 
The debate is out as to whether the upper deck is better than the lower. From a price perspective the lower is more affordable, while from a view point perspective the upper is. But, the lower deck is so much nicer because you are so close to the water.
Mooring position
Lower Deck
Upper Deck
Steering Position
Northern Star Builders Plate
Upper Deck
Navigation Light, Life Rafts and Funnel
Central Ferry Terminal
Embarkation Point
Tsim Sha Tsui Terminal
Tsim Sha Tsui Terminal

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