The pros and cons of unemployment

One of the reasons I seem to have so much time on my hands is the fact that I am unemployed. Its true, the incompetents I worked for finally killed it through mismanagement, incompetence and sheer stupidity. We fought them for how long, trying to get it into their heads that the ship we were on was the Titanic and no matter how hard we were trying to get them to steer a different course they were hell bent on hitting the iceberg and taking the passengers and crew with it.
I was fortunate enough to come out financially reasonably well, but the money can’t last forever, and neither can my interest in going on. Sooner or later breaking point will arrive. Job hunting is a pretty fruitless exercise, heaps of jobs for bean counters, millwrights and electricians in bakeries, but for an eedjut like me? not a sausage. The largest insult this time around? a job for a tech at the generous salary of R1950 pm.

In 2001 I entered the money verification industry and did so much better in it that I ever did in the IT game, but again it was messed up by bad management. In 2005 I hit the skids again, but was fortunate enough to land a really good job, or should I say, a good job until “you know who” bought it out.  It appears as if now the time has come to seek out a new trade. I have 2 thoughts in mind: refrigeration or safety. The latter may not be a good idea, it seems as if that field requires lots of extremely expensive qualifications, and years of experience. The former I can do a months hands on training and while I won’t be qualified, will have another piece of pretty paper to my name. I don’t quite know what to do, although part of me says, I must find my niche working from home, doing what I do best and making small money, instead of heaps of big money.

The job market isn’t going to go my way. 10 years of money verification experience means bugger all for future prospects, in fact, it’s at this point that I delete the notes I made over the years and relegate that stuff to a folder inside my head that says “useless information”. 
There were only 2 really positive aspects to my 10 years of work. A free trip to Hong Kong and the UK in 2008, although the skills I picked up there have all been wasted. Just think how much dosh has had to be spent retraining somebody else in the skills I already had.
Thanks for nothing Ulysses and all its supporters. And as for “you know who”, I remember the lousy 4% increase you gave us in 2009, how you sent out an email inviting everybody to carnival day 1 day after you told those same people you were closing us down. One of the reasons being “financial”.  Remember how we wasted R550 per terminal because you were incapable of understanding that a power supply and aerial were not consumables? Remember how it took 6 months for a device to go from arriving for repair till the point when we actually received it to do the repair on? Remember all those customers you USED TO HAVE?
Happy? I am sure the shareholders will be chuffed
Update 03/2016.
While recreating the images in this blog I bumped into this post. And I am now sitting in the UK, having left SA in 2013. The money for this step came from the retrenchment, but at my age that retrenchment was fatal. By the time I left I had had 2 interviews, both with agents (Who have still not called me back). It is a struggle now, but I am coping somehow.
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