The new Star Wars movie. Yes or no?

A long time ago

In a galaxy close by

I finally sat down and watched

The new Star Wars movie on DVD

And it was not as bad as I expected it would be


Yes, it is official, I have just finished watching the new Star Wars movie.

And? what did I think of it?

It is not a great movie, but it is an OK movie.  There is a lot to like about it, and in my opinion the female lead: Rey  (played by Daisy Ridley) is probably one of the best things in the movie. There was just something about her that worked, and she was very reminiscent of the Chelsea bunned Princess Leia from the original movies.

I like the fact that there was a lot of homage paid to the originals, I could almost hear all of those cheesey lines but in new circumstances, and of course the score just worked for me

Han Solo? probably the best of the originals that appear in it. Even though he is grey and looking much older he has really just become a grey and very much older version of the original. Leia? a wonderful moment when you first see her, and a lot of criticism has been levelled at her, but I loved seeing her again,  she brought back the continuity that we needed to re-establish ourselves with the canon of Star Wars. Chewie? he is still as charming as ever, and still as handy with his crossbow.

For me one of the best scenes were the derelict ships on the planet where Rey scratches a living, and of course the usual Millenium Falcon erratic flying sequences.

I liked Finn, he has so much potential, and the new bad guy reminds me on a smarmy accountant with a fancy mask. Snoke? for some reason he reminded me of the Alien movies, there was menace, but on a different level to the original emperor Palpatine.

Without giving the plot away I will admit I was pleased with the new movie, but I did not watch it as a continuation of Star Wars, but rather as a new iteration of an old favourite. I saw the originals in the movies when I was young and while I have seen them many more times before I am glad that there is a new arc to enjoy. I have read some of the books, especially the “Old Republic” line, and they were fantastic, but everything that I read after the ending of the 6th movie was weak.  I think I need to go back to the drawing board and consult with my books as to what line this story is taking.

It has been awhile, but the force is still strong in me, even though I am more of a Jabba than a Jedi. 

Now for a rewatch… clear my schedule! 

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