The Musings Advent Calendar 2021

This the season to be….  masked and vaccinated. Once again I present to you the traditional Musings Advent Calendar (May contain apples and is made in a factory containing nuts). Newest image is at the top.  I do not hold copyright for any of the paintings/artwork/street art displayed here but I do wish to acknowledge that the creators are very talented and I would love to add your name in.  

25 December 2021

24 December 2021

Margaret Singana was a South African singer that I recall from my youth and she is probably best known for role in Ipi Tombi and the hit song “Mama Tembu’s Wedding”. Sadly her career was cut short by a stroke in 1980 and she passed away in 2000. She had a wonderful voice and was probably one of the first indigenous South African singers that gained a following amongst White South Africans. The image below I found in the Market Theatre in Newtown.

23 December 2021

22 December 2021

21 December 2021

20 December 2021

Over the past few years one of the houses in town has had their door painted and I managed to catch some of the iterations of the paintings. They were seasonally themed but I do not know how many of them I missed over the months. There is another painted door in town but for some reason I cannot find the image of it and it may be too late to get a photograph of it.  The door with the giraffes is from another house but I have not been passed there in ages so have no idea whether there is a new painting on it or not. 

19 December 2021

18 December 2021

17 December 2021

14 December 2021

15 December 2021

14 December 2021

13 December 2021

12 December 2021

11 December 2021

Chief Tshwane is a 3.6 meter tall bronze monument, created by Angus Taylor and situated in front of Pretoria’s City Hall

10 December 2021

09 December 2021

08 December 2021

07 December 2021

06 December 2021

05 December 2021

04 December 2021

03 December 2021

The Crane fly is a common name referring to any member of the insect family Tipulidae, of the order Diptera. It is sometimes referred to as a “Daddy Longlegs” (some species of spider are also called the same name). The Tipulidae is one of the largest groups of flies, including over 15,000 species and subspecies in 525 genera and subgenera.

02 December 2021

01 December 2021.

I have never really taken a close look at UK coinage, especially since cash is no longer as common as it was till 2020. However, if you put all the coins together in the order below you will see that they form a shield.  This design was by Matthew Dent, who had seen a competition advertised in a newspaper for a new coin design.  The Royal Mint had asked people to submit designs for the six coins that could stand alone or work as a set. The designs ideally would symbolise Britain, perhaps by using traditional heraldry, though designers were free to explore all options.  More information on the coins is available at the Royal Mint.

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