The Mendi Memorial in Avalon Cemetery

Be quiet and calm my countrymen…..

These photographs were taken on 17 December 2010 at Avalon Cemetery in Soweto.

Like so many memorials in South African this one is not too well known and I have been on the hunt for it for many years. I will be honest though, what I found was not what I expected, because it appears as if this memorial has been changed from when it was unveiled by Queen Elizabeth II on 23 March 1995. There is a lot of scattered stonework behind the memorial that I couldn’t quite place, and I suspect there was some sort of flower garden around it.  The Mendi Memorial in Avalon Cemetery may be found at the Google Earth co-ordinates 26°17’23.34″S, 27°52’10.82″E.

I have an extensive collection of Mendi information on this blog and that will be added to the Wreck of the Mendi page but I will leave you to your own judgement as to this memorial, which is an important one for those who study military history in South Africa, and for those who seek to keep the memory of this tragic disaster alive, nearly 100 years after it happened.

There are a number of Mendi Memorials in South Africa, and as time has passed the ship and its casualties are becoming more well known. Their sacrifice after all those years is finally being remembered. As these images were taken in 2010 I am in no position as to advise on how this Memorial looks at 2020. 

Update 18/02/2022.

A recent post at shows that the memorial has undergone significant changes since I had last seen it. Unfortunately I am in no position to show these, however you may view the post at Artefacts to see what has changed.  

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