Photo Essay: Eye Spy the London Eye

In 2008 when I was in the UK I wanted to go on the famous “London Eye“, however there were queues to get into the ticketing queue and I gave it up. Sadly… Regretfully.

In 2013 I decided to try again, and on 12th of March I hit the queue. 

This time around the queues at the ticket office were much shorter, although the queue to get onto the thing were quite long.

Make no mistake though, the Eye is a physically large object, and from close up you can really admire the engineering that went into it. 

We shuffled along, with bursts of people being led into a capsule as it passes, and then finally it was my turn and I was in!

I do not recall whether there was piped music or large and interesting noises because the view of the outside and the familiar buildings around the Thames was spectacular.

Golden Jubilee Bridge

There were some things that I really wanted to zoom into, the optical zoom on my camera was very good so I did manage to photograph the targets I really wanted.

HQS Wellington

HMS President

St Paul’s Cathedral

The Shard

Charing Cross Station

Royal Air Force Memorial

Waterloo Station

Passenger train

Unfortunately the view towards Battersea Power Station and Westminster meant trying to look through the bright sunlight (West facing?) so the pics of that area were poor.

Waterloo Bridge and Somerset House

Upriver. Houses of Parliament are on the right

BT Tower in the distance

On top of the world

Then we were heading downhill again. 

Inside the capsule

Unfortunately we had the selfie king with us who took more pics of himself than anything else. He pretty much hogged this end of the capsule and probably saw very little except the screen of his cellphone.  

London County Hall

Looking Down

The mechanism for the Eye looks surprisingly simple, but there are some intricate mechanisms at work that ensure that it can operate safely. Bear in mind that the capsules rotate as the wheel turns, and whole wheel must not turn too fast or people would not be able to climb in or out. 

The London Eye is not only an attraction, it is really a part of the vast landscape of the city. The queues may be awful, but it is worth the wait just to ride on this modern marvel.

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