The Hall of Memory, Birmingham

The major War Memorial in Birmingham is the Hall of Memory. I visited it on 10 April 2015, and it was a very pretty structure, although I do expect many people have very little idea of what it is or represents. The Hall of Memory was built to commemorate the 12320 Birmingham citizens who died and the 35000 who were wounded in the First World War.

When I arrived that morning it was still closed (it opens at 10am), so I was able to have a look at the four statues that surround it. Each representing a branch of the armed service as well as the Women’s Service.

Inside the chamber it is solemn, and the centerpiece is a sarcophagus-shaped dais in which are two Rolls of Honour from both World Wars.

A further Roll of Honour is in a glass case behind the main one, and this is for those who lost their lives in further conflicts after the Second World War. In each of the four corners there are niches that are currently holding the many wreaths and tributes that were made since Remembrance Day, and Poppy Crosses surround the central dais.

Three bas-reliefs are affixed high up on each wall, and they each have a message for those left behind.

The Hall of Memory was designed by S. N. Cooke and W. Norman Twist and was opened by H.R.H. Prince Arthur of Connaught on 4th July 1925.

Update 01/05/2021.

The Hall of Memory in April 2021.

I visited Birmingham at the end of April 2021 and made a detour to see the Hall of Memory again as the VC paving stones had not been installed when I saw it in 2015. Unfortunately due to the pandemic the Hall was closed but it is still a very pretty structure and seemingly in an excellent condition. I photographed the 10 VC paving stones and have added them in below. I was also able to photograph two more plaques to add to the record.

James Marshall VC

William Amey VC

Alfred Wilcox VC

Norman Finch VC

Alfred Knight VC

Albert Gill VC

Thomas Turrall VC

Arthur Vickers VC

Joseph Tombs VC

Herbert James VC

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