The Food Van’s Here

In the company where I used to work we used to get interrupted at  10am every morning with the announcement that “The Gap van is here” followed by a mad scramble by staff to get out there and buy their morning bacon buttie (or 3).  The visiting food van was not really something that we saw a lot of in South Africa although we did have lots of old caravans and/or trailers that used to sell food in key positions in industrial areas.  The food from them could be either good or indifferent, but they often did a roaring trade around lunchtime.

In the UK I have spotted a lot of vehicles flogging grub in strategic places, and many are based on vintage vehicles and most are probably closely monitored and rigorously regulated.  They are wonderful to see though, and I am going to post some on this page. I  do not endorse any of these though and have no personal experience of their service/food quality.

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