The Drew Statue in Cheltenham

On my way back from the Jet Age Museum in Gloucester I  saw this statue in Cheltenham from the top of a bus, and had to prematurely bail out on my way home to try get photographs of it.  The google Earth co-ordinates for it are:  51°53’41.20″N,   2° 4’57.28″W. Strangely enough my pics taken from the bus are much better than those taken on foot.

After some reading I discovered that this was not a war memorial, but rather a drinking trough for passing horses. Situated opposite to Montpellier Rotunda, near the Montpellier roundabout, it features King Edward VII holding the hand of a barefoot girl, presumably in a benevolent way. It is dated 1914 and was erected by Mr and Mrs Drew of Hatherley Court. With a bit of imagination though it would have made a very good war memorial, given how many innocents were caught up in the First World War.

I have been past it on a number of occasions but have never managed to get a better image because of sun position, traffic etc. It is a lovely statue, but somehow it sits uneasily with me, probably because of the improbability of it. I just hope that the PC mob doesn’t get their mitts on it.  The image below is from 2018 and not 2015 as displayed

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