The Death of a Soldier.

A few weeks ago I bought some wooden Poppy Crosses at the Poppy Shop. The intention being to plant some at the Mendi Memorial in Hollybrook. I haven’t gotten down to physically doing it yet, but it is in my plans. However, events from last week overtook my plans following the tragic murder of a young soldier in London. Like most ex-servicemen I was shocked, and frankly read some of the reports with horror at the sheer brutality of the perpetrators. I was also amazed to read about the 3 Women who stood up and showed their mettle. Somewhere a debt is owned to them. 
But out of this horror many things have happened, and the public outpouring of grief has been widespread. Tributes are being laid at war memorials all over the UK, and many people are suddenly realising what being a soldier is about. I won’t comment on the politics involved, and I wont condemn anybody. 
I did not have any flowers, but took one of those poppy crosses up to the Cenotaph in Southampton.  Along the way I stopped and picked some flowers from the local park (don’t tell anybody) and laid them down for Lee Rigby. A soldier, who has paid the price for being a soldier. Who now stands amongst the ranks of those who do not grow old, as we grow old. 

I expect the repercussions will still happen, the final page on this incident has not been written, if anything it is just a small introduction. Sadly, another entry has been made in the Roll of Honour, and another life has been lost. 

Stand at ease Drummer Lee Rigby, your duty has been done.
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