The Christmas Waffle

Merry-ish Christmas to you and yours. 

Outside the water is lapping at the exterior wall of my flat and it is even higher this year than it was in February. White Christmas? no, it is a wet Christmas. We have 2 days of no rain forecast for today and Christmas Day, but after that? who knows. 

I was not able to go to work via the cycle path as it was almost wellie high immediately after I entered it, with strong streams of water pushing through gaps in the fences of some of the houses that border on it.

Around about 8.30 I decided to chance my luck down Bredon Road at the White Bear pub and it too was flooded although it was not as deep as it was on the cycle path. Pedestrians were wading through the water although cars were creating waves making things a bit more difficult. 

The White Bear always bears the brunt of floodwater tidal waves from passing cars, and is now closed. 

The closure of many of the roads meant that Morrisons did not get inundated by last minute shoppers, and I popped in on my way home and the place was like a ghost town. The parking lot was empty and there were very few people shopping. 

In other news : I was not able to witness “The Great Conjunction” but did witness “The great lump of water saturated cloud” as well as the “great blotch of rain on my specs”. I do believe that it was spectacular so can only rely on other people’s images.    

It has been an awful year, and I wont even try to predict which way next year is heading. London and more areas of the UK are now in “Tier 4” and Gloucestershire has now moved into “Tier 3”. South Africa has contributed to the problem following an outbreak of a covid mutation that is more virulent and which affects the youth. This variant appears to have applied for a visa and has entered the UK. This is not the same strain of covid that has broken out in London either, so its a guessing game as to whether the much vaunted vaccine will even work. 

Numbers for today are as follows: Total cases worldwide: 79,086,170 with 1,738,168 deaths and 55,674,767 recoveries. USA still leading the polls with 18,917,152 cases with 334,218 total deaths. UK is at number 8 with 2,149,551 cases and 69,051 deaths. South Africa is number 18 with 954,258 cases and 25,657 deaths. The USA leads the death count with the UK at number 6 and South Africa number 16.

And that seems to be my Christmas waffle. There is not much to waffle about that is new, so the weather just has to suffice. Fortunately the waters had receded by the time I headed home from work (15 minutes earlier too), and hopefully tomorrow they will have receded even more. Last Christmas we were also suffering from a surplus of water, so if you need to see what it looks like just look up 2019 Christmas in Pictures and change the colour of the sky and add face masks.   

The one thing I would like to mention is that because of the strange weather we have had some very impressive sunrises and sunsets.

and this morning I had my two visitors who came around in February too.

Have a peaceful Christmas, and may normality return to us as soon as possible. Oh, and before I forget, it appears as if the UK is now out of the EU. Finally.

Special thanks to all of the people who work in essential services, and those who drove trucks, served food, packed shelves, collected garbage, delivered post and parcels, drove trains and buses, worked in hospitals and clinics, looked after the elderly, kept law and order, served at sea, were members of the armed forces, taught the kids, manned the call centres,  tended to animals, worked the lands, dug the graves, swept the streets, worked in warehouses, operated till points, repaired stuff, ensured that we have electricity and water and other essential services, washed cars, kept our trains and planes safe, moved baggage and cargo, worked on a vaccine, volunteered to help others and of course my colleagues at work who made sure our customers were catered for. THANK YOU!  

Special thanks to Boots, Morrisons, Tesco, Poundland, Royal Mail and Savers, for all they did for me during the difficult months that covid rampaged. Also a special thank you to the staff at the South African Home Affairs department in London. 

DRW 2020 – 2021. Created 24/12/2020

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