The Bronz Soldiers

Photographing War Memorials is an interesting business, many memorials are magnificent structures with equally magnificent artwork. Sometimes the artist responsible is lost to history, but they always leave that piece of magnificence behind. This post is about the many “Bronze Soldiers” I have seen on monuments, especially here in the UK. It will be mostly dominated by images, because sometimes I do not really know what to say about the things I see and photograph.
Streatham War Memorial

Streatham War Memorial

One Memorial with  a really magnificent grouping has to be the newly unveiled Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park. Rather than show the grouping I am concentrating on individual figures within the grouping.
very close to this magnificent Memorial is the Royal Artillery Memorial with its equally sombre soldiers cast in bronze.
This figure is especially moving, I could not resist touching that silent cold hand, and it made me very sad. Somehow the cold just reminded me of death at its most clinical. 
We have a similar figure at the Cenotaph in Durban, although I am sure his hand is warm to the touch.
The memorial to the Horse Guards Regiment has 5 identical figures standing at rest, looking across Horse Guards parade ground. An equally imposing piece of monumental sculpture.
Once again the RAF outdoes everybody else with the magnificent Battle of Britain Memorial on the Thames. It is an extremely difficult memorial to photograph because of the 3 dimensionality of it, but the airmen seemingly running from the wall towards their aircraft does it for me.
Close up inspection of the two bronzes is really advisable, because the amount of detail is incredible. My other favourite are the soldiers on the Rifle Brigade Memorial close to Victoria Station. What makes it interesting is that there are three variations of uniform on the memorial.

This wonderful Squaddie I found in Borough at a war memorial I never knew about. He is a bit hard to photograph but really stunning. You do not want to get in his way. 
And the final squad I want to mention is this grouping in Oldham, that I saw in 2008. Its a magnificent piece of work that I would really like to re-photograph one day.
And having said that. It is time to conclude this photo essay on Bronze Soldiers. At some point I will add in the sculptors as I find out their names, after all, they are worthy of remembering just as much as those who they based these images on.
Additions: Over the years I have seen a few more and here are some of them.

Evesham War Memorial

Liverpool has a number of War Memorials with some amazing artwork in them. There are really so many that I could end up having to create a whole new blogpost just featuring the city. 

Men from the Liverpool Cotton Association

The Liverpool Exchange Newsroom Memorial is a very impressive piece of work and has so many elements in it.

The Truce

Noel Chavasse VC Memorial (Abercrombie Square)

Liverpool Regiment Memorial (St John’s Garden)

Capt. F.J. Walker RN. CB DSO** (Liverpool Waterfront)

Gloucester Regt ABW Memorial (Bristol)

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