The Big Storm

I am currently sitting  at home writing this, when I should actually be at work fixing broken stuff. Its really the aftermath of the storm that hit Southern England yesterday (27 October) and that has caused havoc along the way. Southampton was one of the places that was affected, or should I say,  the trains out and into Southampton have been affected. Outside my flat all is about as normal as it usually is.
I woke up a bit earlier than usual this morning, and the wind was howling. 18 Hours ago  it was blowing at 25 knots, gusting to 31 at Southampton Dock Head. It was much more later that evening. I could hear it blowing like mad outside each time I woke during the night, and by the time I left home this morning it was not too bad. Cold, but not impossibly so.
I had had notification that my usual Southwest train at 6.30 would be cancelled, but it looked like the First Great Western from Portsmouth would be running. It was scheduled to arrive at 06.46. But, at the station it was confirmed as arriving at 07.11, and then 07.35. The station itself was empty, only the Cross Country train to Manchester was sitting wasting diesel at platform 1.
At 7.35 the Portsmouth train arrived and we proceeded cautiously along, stopping close to Romsey. A fallen tree had blocked the line and we were going no further forward, only backwards to Southampton.
It was becoming increasingly more crowded at Southampton Central as all 4 platforms were now filling with trains that were going nowhere. There were over 30 trees across the lines over the network and it was expected that some sort of limited service would be running after 11am. I do not know if that included the service to Salisbury.
So I came home. 
Strangely enough it is quite a nice sunny day outside, if not a bit windy. Wind speed at the dock head is 16 knots gusting to 25, and the sun is shining like mad. One of the cruise ships even slept at the harbour last night, and quite few dustbins were tipped where I stay, but other than that we are still here. Now if only I could get hold of somebody at work!
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