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There was an awesome collection of collectables and bits and bobs for sale at the event, and naturally these would catch my eye; after all I am somewhat of a collectable bit myself. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) buying some of them would have meant using up the small stash of SA Rands that I had and trying to find space in my suitcase for a slightly used elephant would have been impossible. I could look but not buy.

It is amazing when you think of what can be construed as collectable, and I know I am always on the lookout for retro items, however, many people collect items of a motoring or military nature (to name but a few), and of course there is a gender bias too. The sad reality is that one man’s junk is another man’s collectable.

Toys probably make up a vast genre all of their own

About 2 hours from closing time I went for a stroll in Modderfontein to have a look at the old houses that we passed on our way. I had never really investigated this part of the East Rand before so it is all new to me.

Some of the old houses were spectacular, although most were now occupied by small businesses.

And of course being South Africa palisade fencing, electric fences and barbed wire obscures everything.

And if you are lucky you may even see the Gautrain hurtling back from the airport.

Overall though it is a very pretty area and of course the Jacarandas are in bloom but the grass is bone dry.

I headed back to the meet, ready for round 2 or 3 of my walkaround. Things were definitely getting quieter though, and many of the cars were now taking to the road as people headed home. We still had 2 hours to go though as we were helping one of the stall holders.

Obsolete technology does make up a vast section of collectables, and the demise of “analogue” photography had consigned a lot of camera equipment to the sale tables of history.

The same is true for analogue electrical test equipment. I used to use at least 3 of the items in the collection below.

Being a motoring themed club it was inevitable that motoring related items and tools would also feature in the stuff available to buy.

It is kind of hard to show all the things that interested me and to explain why they did, but here are more.

However, one find that I made should never have been for sale in the first place, and it is a sad indictment of our society and how it has forgotten their forefathers that lost their lives fighting against Nazi tyranny. More information on Gordon Frederick Johnson is available from the South African War Graves Project

And that more or less concludes my look at the past. It is amazing what is out there, you just need to look all around you (and have lots of money too).

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Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival 2019 (2)

As we were saying previously…
More images from the Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival of 2019. Special thanks to the owners of these vehicles for taking the trouble of keeping these oldies on the road for us all to see. 

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Figureheads and Hood Ornaments

The one item that seems to have disappeared from motor vehicles is the Figurehead aka “Hood Ornament”. In South Africa a hood is a bonnet and a trunk is a boot. Sound confusing enough? The age of plastic has left us somewhat poorer as can be seen by the examples that I photographed at the Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Event. Somehow a badge just doesn’t cut it as much a a chrome bird or symbolic creature. I don’t know of too many modern vehicles that sport these anymore,  I know Rolls Royce still sports the “Spirit of Ecstacy” and Mercedes Benz still have their gunsight up front. These images are purely for enjoyment, no captions are needed.

I never published this post way back in 2017 when I started it because there was more I wanted to add in but never did, this year around at the Classic Vehicle Festival (2018) I went looking for more of these but the odds are I saw the same ones. Anyway, I am going to post this in 2018 come hell or high water!


Tewkesbury Classic Vehicles 2018

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