Piston Ring Club Meet (1)

My brother tagged onto the Piston Ring Club monthly meetings quite some time ago and has been a regular visitor there for quite some time. Apart from the vintage cars there are always a lot of sellers of collectables, slightly used junk and assorted odds and sods; the sort of thing that I love. Consequently I accompanied him to the event while I was in South Africa. 

I have attended the Tewkesbury Vintage Car Shows for quite a few years now, and usually come away with a lot of pics, although many of the images are of vehicles that I had seen before. The collection that I would see on this day is a completely new one, and with a South African flavour to boot. We do have a number of unique vehicles here and there are a number of South African idiosyncrasies that makes these vehicles interesting. The usual rules apply: it was a hot and sunny day so pics were taken more or less from the same angle. Occasionally people would impinge in the images too, and in many cases I am unable to ID many of the vehicles. 

Special thanks must always go to the people who own these old beauties and keep them on the road for us to see. The gallery of wonderful things may be found next door. forwardbut

And now, on with the show. 

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Cool sighting of the day

Occasionally we vintage cars passing through town and sometimes they stop so I can get a pic (or 3). Today I spotted what turned out to be a Stoneleigh Chummy 4 Season from 1924.

It is not the first time I have seen this particular vehicle, but the first time I have managed to get pics of it.

There is not a lot about these vehicles out there, and at the moment all I can really say is that Stoneleigh was made by Armstrong Siddeley. Hopefully at some point I will find more info. They certainly do not make them like that anymore. 

And while rooting through my pics for another post I found the following information sheet:

Special thanks to the owner of this rare beauty, thanks for preserving her for us to enjoy so many years after she was built. 

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Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival (3)

Continuing where we left off…

We have finally arrived at the Mini gallery. There were a lot of Minis at the festival, and naturally they get a gallery all of their own (because I am biased). The best Mini of them all was definitely the doorless one. It just drew stares.  I photographed 19 different Minis, there may even have been more because cars were arriving all of the time. 


That really concludes my images from the Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival, and a great day out it was too. So many cars from my past, and some from my parents past. There are quite a few pics I did not include and some that really do not have a place of their own. Maybe one day they too will appear here. And now we return you to the studio.

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