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A Day at the Park

Autumn was here and the leaves were flying all over the place while the sun was making the occasional surprise visit and the wind was blowing like crazy. Poor Miss Emily dearly wanted to go to the park but unfortunately the powers that be had decreed that our park was in need of “Improvement” which was really another name for “politically correct”. 

Fortunately there was a brief break in the weather so I could take Miss Emily to try out the all new squeaky clean park with it’s fake grass. It is not an inspiring place, but then I grew up in a different era altogether. Miss Emily was wearing her new polka dot dress with Mary Janes, not really an intelligent choice for somebody with strange knees.

Neither Miss Emily or myself were quite sure what these were in aid of, but then I am not a toddler so would not really know. I guess that children would know, but I certainly don’t. Poor Miss Emily was struggling not to blow away, and of course the skirt of her new dress was not making things easier. However, she did have a woolly hat to keep her ears warm, but I was pretty certain that I would end up holding it at some point. 

The all new shiney jungle gym thing looked kind of exciting for a brief minute, but being of limited mobility meant that clambering would not happen, besides, Miss Emily was not too keen on her skirt blowing over her head.

The slide showed promise though

Is that it? not very exciting is it? I am afraid that the slide was a disappointment, gone was the much higher one that would have seen Miss Emily reach breakneck speed! 

“Miss Emily, where is your woolly hat?”

“It’s um… er… I don’t know?”

Her hat retrieved and now replaced with a scarf; Miss Emily decided to try the merry go round (or roundabout depending on where you came from). It was exciting because it actually moved, but I really had to be careful she didn’t decide to fly off into the distance while I was taking the pic. 

“Let’s go swing!” Miss Emily insisted.

“No, you can swing, I will watch.”

It was quite a battle to get Miss Emily into the seat. “Miss Emily, where is your scarf?”

“Um, er… I don’t know?”

Miss Emily swung until she was tired of swinging. “I need to rest. My tummy is upside down.”

There was this strange blue and yellow boingey thingey that she decided was perfect to sit on while she regained her pouty composure.

“This strange boingey thingey is fun, but it is making me feel boingey inside. I need to find somewhere to sit that doesn’t move please.”

I moved Miss Emily to the bench so that she could re-arrange her boingey tummy while I retrieved her scarf.

She waved at me and I could see she was about ready to go home. “Time to head off home Miss Emily?”

“Great idea, the wind is really messing with my hair and I think there is a spot on my dress.”

“Well spotted Miss Emily. come, let us go, I have your scarf and you have your hat so we are more or less all here.”

We made our way home, Miss Emily had had an interesting morning so far and I really wanted to see how her pics came out, and whether the special effects images were any good. The good ones I will post at her artistic images gallery.

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Emily Meets Caitlyn

The day was overcast and Miss Emily gathered her goodies and went to sit outside and enjoy the falling leaves, fall over a few times and generally get attacked by various winged insects intent on trying to push her over.

“It is not easy having strange knees” she thought to herself as she sat down to watch somebody throwing a ball for their dog. “I wonder whether Courage will chase a ball if I threw it for him?” Courage the Cowardly Dog was away this morning chasing the mysterious Chicken from Outer Space, so Emily was all alone. She sat down on her piece of hessian and enjoyed the breeze. Suddenly a 23 inch Twinn popped out from under a tree.

“Good morning very tall pretty doll,” the Twinn said cheerfully. “My name is Caitlyn. What’s yours?”

“Good morning Caitlyn, my name is Emily, I am pleased to meet you. Do you live close by?”

“Yes, I live in the same flat, but I am stuck on a shelf and almost covered in dolls and toys and assorted strange figurines that populate our crowded space.”

“Oh yes, I am sorry, I never recognised you,  I do apologise. I am not always aware of what goes on around me.”

“Oh yes, that happens often, especially when you take a dive to the ground.”

“I did that just now, it was not  fun.”

“Well at least the landing was graceful,” Caitlyn chuckled. “I do a very fine dive to the ground too when the need takes me.”

“I didn’t do it deliberately. it was one of those spontaneous dolly moments.”

“Blame it on the wind I always say”.

“I never thought of that. It is kind of windy out here. I don’t even know why I came out today anyway.”

“Some days you just need to get out there and explore. The Twinns and I used to do a lot of that, but we are now officially on pension so getting out and about is a rare occasion.”

“Will you tell me about the Twinns and all their adventures when you have some time?”

“Sure, although it is easier to just head online and read about them for yourself. Next time the Bossman is at work we will climb onto the computer and I will show you the url.”

“Thank you, I do look forward to it. It does get lonely during the day, but now that we have met I am sure we will have lots to talk about.”

“You will be able to talk to Princess Skye and Dawn and Nicole too, and there is that strange Spanish girl who says nothing except “que?“. I think she may have landed on her head when she travelled. She is not very talkative and we did try teaching her English but it came out strange. Skye is trying very hard and the best she has managed so far is “Does these train flies to the airport station sideways?”

Emily laughed, it was good to have some new friends to talk to. “I do not know any Spanish I am afraid, but can always try my hand at German with a thick accent” 

“German with a thick accent?” Caitlyn asked.

“Yes, it is quite impressive. Let me see if I can remember how to do it…” Emily cleared her throat. “Bitte nicht mit dem Finger auf mich stoßen

“That is so cool! but what does it mean?”

“”Please don’t poke me with your finger” I think.”

“How do you know that stuff? who taught you German?”

“Google translate is my friend.” Emily laughed.

“Aaah you are pulling my leg and poking me with your finger.”

“No, I am hugging you and stopping you from blowing away. I am getting chilly, let us go inside and you can introduce me to the other girls.”

“Great idea, and I think there may be some raspberry colddrink in the fridge?”

“Raspberry colddrink?”

“Oh it is nasty stuff, when Twinns drink too much of it we loose all of our inhibitions and wear our knickers on our heads. Then we sing rowdy dolly songs till way past bedtime and pass out on the floor. It is very embarrassing.”

“Rowdy dolly songs? I don’t know any of those. I have a pouty face so I try to maintain some sort of decorum.”

“Oh yes, Sarah Willow was like that, but she was the biggest trickster around. She was the only Twinn that could chugalug 2 litres of Raspberry colddrink and stay on her feet. Then when we had all passed out she would go around tieing our shoelaces together.  It made for a lot of surprising morning gymnastics. “

Emily clapped her hands, “That sounds like fun. I am so glad that I met you Caitlyn, let’s grab my gear and go inside, I am not sure about raspberry colddrink, but I think there is some cider in the fridge: “Old smelly socks” or something like that”. 

“Old smelly socks? wow, can’t wait to try it. Let’s go!”

And so Emily and Caitlyn went inside where it was not as windy.

The big question I have is: “who drank all of my cider? and why is Caitlyn wearing her knickers on her head? So many questions…” 

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An Impromptu Picnic

It was a glorious Winters morning, and Miss Emily wanted to go out to look at the frost and enjoy the weather that was so different from earlier this week. She changed, although I was a bit sceptical about those bare legs and strange knees. “Miss Emily, your legs will get cold”.

“No they won’t, besides, I will be  wearing my woolly hat and scarf to keep me warm.” she insisted.

“Don’t complain when they do.” I reminded her. 

And so off we went down the cycle path to where the brook bubbled away.

“Ooh look, a brook!” she said excitedly. “Can we get closer?”

It was possible to get closer, although I was a bit worried that she would decide to nose dive into the mud. “Be careful Miss Emily, it is muddy and slippery.”

She climbed down the stairs, waving at me nonchalantly. 

and then she tried to hide behind the tree. 

“Miss Emily, where were you?” I asked.

“I was disguised, I used advance camouflage techniques to blend in with my surroundings.”

“A likely story. I bet you were hiding behind a tree or something.”

We walked a big further till we reached the small wooden bridge that crossed one of the small streams.

“Just think, 100 years ago my ancestors may have been crossing this rickety bridge while they hunted for elephants and polar bears”

“Miss Emily, I hate to tell you but there are no elephants or polar bears within 100 miles of here.”

“See, that is how successful they were.”

I could not argue with that logic so changed the subject instead. “Come along Miss Emily, let us go have a look at the field, the frost is still showing”.

We crossed into the field. 

“Wow, this is so awesome!” she exclaimed, “the sun is out but there is frost about!”

“I have a surprise for you Miss Emily, I brought along your piece of hessian, and some coffee and a packet of biccies and an apple. You can have a quick picnic while I take some photographs.”

“Ok, I like picnics, and apples, and biccies.. although I am not so sure about coffee”.

“Don’t go too far” she said looking somewhat concerned. “Don’t forget me and go home.”

“I am close by Miss Emily. Don’t worry. You can enjoy your biccies and coffee in peace.” 

And then it was time to leave. “Come along Miss Emily, let us go home. Where is your woolly hat?”

“Um… er… I dunno? No wait, there it is!”

“Pick it up and let’s go miss frozen legs.”

Her woolly hat at a jaunty angle, Miss Emily and I headed off home. There were things to do and the list of chores was not getting any shorter. “Well Miss Emily, what did you think of the frost?”

“It was cool… almost cold, definitely chilly. My legs are kind of numb and I think my strange knees are frozen.”

“I told you that your legs would be cold.”

She walked behind the fence and peered at me through the slats, “It is a good cold though, the sort that makes you feel awake and makes you want to just stand and admire the view.”

“That is true, and of course while standing there you can ask yourself the big question.”

“The big question? what is the question?”

“It is about your woolly hat. You have lost it again.”

“No I didn’t, it is er…. um… I dunno?”

And then we went home.

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