Southampton Shipwatch 34: Silver Cloud.

I have been patiently waiting for Silver Cloud to return to Southampton for quite some time. She did call here on the 9th of June, but I was working on that particular day and by the time I got finished all I saw was a feint white shape already past Town Quay.

Unfortunately she was an early morning arrival this morning, so by the time I got there she was almost alongside. Not even the sun was awake yet, although the seagulls were noisily doing seagull things. 

She berthed up at City Terminal, and is due to sail at 18H00 this afternoon which is when I will get other pics of her. But this morning, the pinkish/orange light made her look really good.

She is the second Silverseas vessel in Southampton this season, Silver Whisper was here in May, but this one is new to me. Her next port of call is St Malo, as part of a 12 day voyage to Monaco from Southampton.

By 10H30 the sky was looking grim, and it did offset her white hull quite well, but it did not auger well for her sailing at 18H00.
I was down at the harbour by 17H00 to watch the sailing of Suomigracht behind her, and I moved to Mayflower Park after she was gone. By then the white hull was starting to become less visible by the minute as the weather closed in. 


She did have a tug at her stern and without even a whistle she moved at the appointed time.


Unfortunately the mini harbour they are erecting at Mayflower Park really messes with the photography, but the birds seem to enjoy it a lot.

And then she was past, rapidly disappearing into the mist and drizzle. I did shoot a bit of video and it is available on my YouTube channel. She is a small intimate ship in the high end of the market, and her sister: Silver Wind, is a regular caller in South Africa. But I think her prices are way out of reach for South Africans anyway..


At this point I think she really looks like her name. A Cloud heading into the clouds.
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Southampton Shipwatch 25: Silver Whisper

Technically Silver Whisper is not a new ship to me, I first saw her in Hong Kong in 2008, and she was actually much nicer than I expected back then. In fact she is a semi regular caller in South Africa. 
Silver Whisper in Hong Kong 2008
Silver Whisper in Hong Kong 2008
She arrived in Southampton on 16 May 2013, but I missed her arrival, so decided I would do an afternoon sailing stint instead. She was berthed up at Mayflower and scheduled to leave at 18H00. By the time I arrived it was already almost 6 and there was another small reefer on her way out, and she had Silversea on her side; and I wonder if she wasn’t somehow connected to Silver Whisper? Maybe some sort of support vessel?
Having not seen the sun in quite a few days it suddenly seemed very bright and was really making photography difficult, even hiding behind the parking sign wasn’t really helping. Silver Whisper unstuck herself and silently got under way. No toot of the horn or anything!
At just over 28000 GRT she is not a really big ship and they all have a reputation for excellent service on board. Her sister ship is Silver Shadow.
Then she was past me, and I got a chance to see a full profile, although photography wasn’t really happening because of the bright sunlight. 
whisper 028
I am not too keen on her stern, it reminds me too much of an iron,  but then I have seen much worse and at least she does not have a pudding bowl or a ducktail. 
Then she was out of effective range as she proceeded past the QEII terminal and once again it was time to go home. I liked how she came into port without a huge fanfare and sailed without one. No loud pop music blared from her decks and no raucous announcements disturbed her passage; and that is how it should be.
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