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Looking back on 2017

Like 2016, 2017 was not a good year, the world has become an even more dangerous place than last year, and the political rumblings in many countries became roarings!  In South Africa the corruption and incompetence continues and Cape Town is running out of water (bottled and tap). We also saw the death of a number of old school entertainers and celebrities,  and fake news still proliferates through social media, and racism is still alive and well. And now for the weather…

Amongst those who passed on in 2017: Willie Toweel, Sir John Hurt, Peter Skelleren, Simon Hobday, Joost Van Der Westhuizen, Chuck Berry, Colin Dexter, Joe Mafela, Ahmed Kathrada,  Sue Grafton, Mary Tyler Moore, Hugh Hefner, Jerry Lewis, Peter Sarstead, Glen Campbell, John Hillerman, Adam West, Helmut Kohl, Fats Domino, Don Williams, Charles Manson, Ian Brady, Harry Dean Stanton, Della Reese, Roger Moore, David Cassidy, Sam Shepard, Martin Landau, Gordon Kaye Richard Hatch, Tom Petty, Michael Bond, Al Jarreau and Bill Paxton. Unfortunately though some dictators will outlive us all.  

I did not have a busy year, although there was a major spurt of activity in March when I had to go back to South Africa at short notice.  This new year is crunch year for me,  and I am sitting on a fence with lots of spikey bits. These are some of the highlights (and low lights) of my year.  


Was a quiet month, and I really relooked some of the places I had seen as well as some of the interesting objects that you normally do not notice. Clocks were subject of choice for January


In February I finally hit Worcester and specifically Worcester Cathedral.

Worcester Cathedral

I ended up making a second trip to the city, and it was quite a nice place to visit. 


In March I had to return to South Africa as my mother was doing poorly. 

I was able to revisit a number of places and a decision was made regarding her future care. She was not amused, but our options were extremely limited.


Amongst the places I revisited was the James Hall Transport Museum

I arrived back in April, and just in time for the GWSR World War Weekend. 


I looked back on the three cemeteries in Portsmouth (Milton, Highland Rd and Kingston)

I seemed to have stayed indoors a lot in May because the only noteworthy thing I seemed to do was attempt to scratchbuild a model of the RMS St Helena. I now have a new one I am busy with so all in not lost. However I am kind of baffled at how long this exercise has taken. 


June was a busy month and I seemed to do quite a lot in Gloucester. One of the many things I saw was HM Prison Gloucester and it was fascinating. 

I also popped into the “harbour” in Gloucester, and it was quite an interesting place to see, although it is no longer the bustling harbour it used to be


The Tewkesbury Medieval Festival was held once again, but unfortunately I missed out on the Wellland Steam Fair this year. 


The Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival was held in August and it was bigger than last year too. Some real blasts from the past were on show too. 

1904 Mors 24/32 HP


September I ventured forth into Stroud and inadvertently ended up in Painswick too which was quite fun but very tiring.


The weather was rapidly turning as we October, but then the whole year had seen lousy conditions most of the time. It really dampened my excursions too so I had to do some thinking about what to post. Sadly I heard of two pets that crossed the rainbow bridge in this month and their loss is always a sad one.


November is the month when military veterans take out their berets and caps and don their medals and poppies to Remember The Fallen. I also managed to photograph the War Memorial in Prestbury


And suddenly it was December, and the biggest story in December was…

And that was my year. May the new year be full of love, light and laughter, and may the sun shine brightly and may peace and prosperity be with you and yours. 

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Happy New Year

And by the time you read this 2013 will be toast, and a whole new 365 days of comings and goings will be upon us.

2013 has been a very decisive year for me, I made the decision in 2012 to try for the UK and I have now been here for 10 months. The equivalent of almost my first years national service. I have lived in London for a month, Southampton for just over 7 months, and Salisbury for 2 months. It has been a challenge on many fronts, and I am still not at a point where I can safely relax and say that all is well with me. 
There is still a lot that has to be done, settling my affairs in SA being one of the priorities, and of course finding my own place to call home in Salisbury would be ideal. But I have to be realistic about these things and will deal with it when/if/how it happens. 
On the plus side I have now been working full time since 9 September, and have fixed more broken devices in these 3 months than I probably did in 4 years where I was before. I also worked part time as a baggage handler in Southampton, and I am still kind of proud of that odd bit of my life. 
Tomorrow? I don’t know. At this point I am going to carry on  the way I have been since 9 September. I may go to SA in March or April, but I have not made up my mind about that yet. It really all comes down to finances. 
Do I miss SA? not particularly. I am not one of those who laments braaivleis, sunshine, sunny skies and Chevrolet. In fact the only thing I do miss is the better selection of medication in chemists in SA. Everything here is based on something I am allergic to. I also miss my desktop computer, this laptop thang can really cheese me off. 
So, may this coming year be full of love, light and laughter, and may all your dreams come true (expect the one where you aren’t wearing any pants, and the one where a Xenomorph is chasing you (go look it up.) ) 
Next year will see some changes as I start to shut down my website, and I hope to move it to a blog platform and integrate it with this blog. But first I must find a bloghost. Bah humbug! I will think of that next week.
Happy Nude Ear!
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