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Leaf it to Miss Emily.

Autumn arrived a few weeks ago, and literally overnight the trees where I live lost their leaves following a terribly windy night.

Miss Emily was also bragging about her new wellies and I took her out for a quick pic session. It was not very successful I am afraid.

“Gee, just look at all these leaves! did you do that?”

“Me? Miss Emily you credit me with too much energy, twas the wind. Didn’t you hear it last night?”

“Now that was wind! I thought the house was going to blow away and wanted to start packing my hats and hair bows away just in case.”

“Talk about hats, where did you get that chapeau from anyway?”

“Ah, tis a school hat, I found it in a shop in town, it’s very nice.”

“It’s also a bit too small for you, or maybe your bonce is too big?”

“My bonce big?”

“Yep, a 5 gallon hat on a 10 gallon head.”

“That’s not very nice, I think I must go pout.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to pick up all these leaves instead?”

“No thanks, I will leaf that to the experts. Oh, I made a pun.”

“And it was truly punful to hear.”

“I definitely feel a pout coming on.”

“Never mind the pout, do you realise that a few years ago you made your debut amongst the leaves on the field?” 

“Yikes! what is with all the yellow? I look like a 46″ banana!”

“Oh I don’t know, I think you looked kind of cute, all prim and proper. Even your sandals were yellow.”

“That is scarey. I hope I don’t have them anymore.”

“No, I gave them away because they didn’t fit very well.”

“That’s a relief. Where is my hat?”

“You hadn’t really developed your own “style” by then. You were really just a cute dolly with a pout back then.”

“And no ice cream either?”

“None. You were more of a tea and biccie type of girl when I met you.”

“Wowsers, I am impressed with me. Such self discipline, so much catching up to do!” 

“Not so fast young lady. What are we going to do about all these leaves?”

“Sell them on ebay?”

“I think not. I will leaf you to think about it.”

It took her a week, but she finally ended up doing backstroke in the leaves..

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The trolley in the brook

I took Miss Emily down to the bridge over the Carrant Brook.  “Look Miss Emily, some idiot has dumped a trolley in the brook.”

“But but but but…. that was where we played Poohsticks not too long ago.”

“That’s right, and now there is a trolley in the way.”

“But all the fishies will get stuck and the trees will get stuck and the water won’t have anywhere to go and then there will be a flood! I better pack my hats and hair bows. We may need the boat but I am still busy painting it!”

“It hasn’t reached that stage yet, but we can’t get to the river bank because it is all overgrown now so we can’t even haul it out. I will try to report it to somebody so that they can have it removed”.  

Miss Emily seemed to have lost her faith in humanity. “Just look at all the litter laying around too. Don’t people know that they must throw it in the bin?”

“They probably do but could not be bothered. It is so much easier to just dump it where you stand.” 

“Bad people! shame on you!” Miss Emily said enthusiastically.  

“Remember how you wanted to push a trolley into the water so long ago?”

“I do, and I feel ashamed. Luckily I now know better and will think twice about doing something stoopid like that.”

“That’s my girl. Now, how about some ice cream?” 

“Only if there is a proper place to throw the wrapping away.”

I was impressed. “Miss Emily, we will make an eco-warrior out of you yet.”

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