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Snow? Again?

To think we almost had a white Christmas this year, and it was fun to experience it at the time even though it was not Christmas. Theoretically we were all done and dusted with snow for 2017, however, the weather had more in store for us. Yesterday (Boxing day) started out as a moderately pleasant day, with the sun making a token appearance and rain shoving it out of the way towards the afternoon. At this point the Carrant Brook has been flowing quite strongly but not enough to flood the surrounding fields.

This fine morning when I opened the curtains I was in for a rude surprise (although I really had to wait for it to get lighter), outside the field was white and wet,

the Brook was much higher and there was snow on the cars and frozen patches all over the place.

This should have happened on Monday! not today when I am at work!  I did not feel too confident with heading out there on my bike, although there were tire marks in the snow (albeit wobbly ones) so I decided to hoof it instead, and seeing as I was on the hoof I would take some pics (I can’t help it, it is just something I do!). 

So, these images are what is left after last nights surprise snow. Hopefully it won’t freeze and create an ice rink across my route to work, and hopefully the Carrant Brook will also drop its level, although its level is partly determined by what comes from upstream and the height of the Avon where it joins it. I hold thumbs. 


This will be my last set of images for 2017, and this weekend I will do my infamous “retrospective” for the year gone by. I will also create the new 2018 index page and hopefully all will be well in the land of Gloucestershire. 

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Christmas Greetings 2017

And once again Christmas has snuck up, wacked us on the head, emptied our wallet and left us all asking “where did the year go to?” Personally I have no idea, I suspect the year it was faulty and should have been returned for a refund as an out of box failure! 

But, all I can really do at this point and time is wish everybody a Happy Christmas and to make the most of this special day. May love light and laughter be with you as you celebrate over this period. Do not drink and drive, and do not become a statistic. 

And, special thanks to those who man the fire stations, emergency services, lifeboats, police stations, hospitals, and who may find themselves in the military. Thank you for giving up yours for us.  

As Muffin would say “Is it over with? I am so tired I only slept 27 hours last night”

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