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10/04/2020. Day 84899. Happy Easter. May the Easter Bunny not be in lockdown. I have just been watching President Ramaphosa address South Africa and cannot help but admire how calm and collected he is and how much gravitas he is able to project while speaking on such a serious matter. He has also extended the lockdown until the end of April which is going to hurt an already battered economy even more. The country does seem to be holding its own though, although there are 1934 confirmed cases in South Africa with 18 fatalities.  The president also announced that “In support of this effort, we have decided that the President, Deputy President, Ministers and Deputy Ministers will each take a one-third cut in their salaries for the next three months. This portion of their salaries will be donated to the Solidarity Fund.”  I hope some of the fat cats and suits sitting in their ivory towers do the same. 

South Africa does have a useful website that is worth looking at if you are needing local information.

Back in the UK we still don’t see any lockdown measures being removed, and authorities are battling to get people to adhere to the lockdown in many cases and places. Boris Johnson is now out of ICU but remains in hospital while the numbers for UK are as follows: 65077 total cases and 7978 deaths. The curve has not flattened! 

08 April 2020. Day 6898. Our Prime Minister Boris Johnson, was taken to intensive care after failing to get better, he is holding his own at the moment and we all wish him  a speedy recovery and hope that he will continue to show leadership the way he has. Naturally there are those in the UK who wish him otherwise, but then even Donald Trump has supporters too.  Spring is busting out all over outside and its quite strange to be sitting in this surreal situation and having to theoretically watch the world go by. Still no sign of the lockdown being lifted yet and there is already talk of re-opening schools (much to parents delight). But so far so good. I popped down to my local Morrisons and was amazed to see the toilet rolls on the shelves; and in all sizes and thicknesses too!

Trawling through the newspapers I can’t help but be struck by the many adverts for overpriced designer label clothing and gimmicks in spite of the misery all around us. I guess a layer of normality is needed but I struggle to think about the difference between somebody that has been made redundant and somebody who forks out more than a months rent for a pair of flipflops. 

Otherwise nothing new to report. Worldwide tally is 1490154 with 87317 deaths. 

05 April 2020. Day 6472. And still we battle through this pandemic. The UK went into lockdown on 23 March so we are really in week 500? it feels like longer. There is no real good news though. The world has 1204075 total cases of covid-19, of which the majority are in the USA (311637), the UK is still in the high numbers with 41903. South Africa is holding out reasonably well at 2169 so far but at any moment that could jump dramatically as once again the government caves into the taxi industry. At what point will they break the stranglehold that the taxi industry has on South Africa? 

On the economic front the Rand is battling, at the time of writing £1 is worth R23,63, and this is probably the highest it has ever been. The UK economy is taking a battering though and it will take years before we climb out of this hole. The world is not going to be the same when we do though, the history books will make for very interesting reading in the future. The current crop of school children are facing a huge challenge in their future, and I sincerely hope that in that future more attention will be paid to the lower paid elements of society who clean and pack and drive and do the many menial jobs that are proving to the the most vital. No longer must the suit and banker clones be in charge. Unfortunately the conspiracies are becoming more laughable, and at this moment 5G is the newest culprit, although personally I blame the lizard people. 

I am holding out, although I have been hitting low points in my day. Like so many others I am sitting with an uncertain future, and the longer the status quo remains as it is the bigger the risk that I face. I am however not alone because there are many like me out there who face a similar situation. Stay calm and don’t panic? Very difficult.   

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