Southampton Shipwatch 40: Norwegian Getaway

When the Norwegian Breakaway arrived in Southampton in April 2013, they were already raving about her sister, Norwegian Getaway. Sadly I no longer live in Southampton so new arrivals are limited by the amount of leave I have available and whether I can get to see them in Southampton or not (and the prevailing weather too). Getaway was scheduled for her maiden call on 14 January 2014, and I could only get away from work in the afternoon to see her. 
That meant she was already alongside at 101 when I arrived.
And like her sister, she is a very big ship. In fact she is marginally larger in GRT (145 655) than Breakaway (144 017). In spite of them being sisters everybody I have spoken to is of the opinion that she is a better looker. It is probably the hull artwork that just blends better with what we see.
Unfortunately trying to get her alongside is almost impossible. There is just nowhere to stand that puts you at the right angle. The best images I would get would probably be from Mayflower Park. 
I then headed over to Town Quay for the view from that area. As you can see she easily towers over the ship behind her, and she probably has the biggest piece of graffiti in the world on her side.
I had 3 hours to kill till her sailing so I meandered off into town for some lunch and shopping, intending to return as it started getting dark (which it starts doing just after 4 pm). She was scheduled to sail at 17H00 and I was in two minds about staying or heading back to Salisbury. A 5 pm sailing would mean I would not be getting any good photography.
I got back as the light was fading and strolled down to Mayflower for some almost dark pics. She was not lit up as much as I would have liked, but beggars can’t be choosers. 
Then I saw that a container ship was moving from the container berths, and I checked that she was due to sail at 5pm too. A spanner was now proverbially in the works.
By the time she was past Getaway was ready to go too, and without too much fuss she started to move away from the quay. No tugs required. 
And then she too was past me. I managed to video most of this period and managed to capture her wonderful horns doing the traditional 3 blasts. 
Then it was time for me to head off to the station; who knows when next I will be in Southampton, it all depends on unique arrivals like this one. Still, I am glad I made the effort, I just wish I had come through in the morning instead. 
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