Southampton Shipwatch 36: AIDAsol

Following on with my day of frustration (24 September),  I finished work at 5 and headed down to Salisbury station, hoping that my train (which was always late), would actually be on time. It wasn’t. In fact I got to Southampton almost 30 minutes after I should have. It was still daylight, but we were loosing light fast. I hadn’t even stopped at home but had come straight from the station. As I arrived at Town Quay, a container ship; Viland, was arriving and I managed a quick shot of her before she headed towards the container berths. 

The real reason for my being there was sitting alongside at Ocean Terminal. The light was fading fast and AIDAsol wasn’t lit up much, it was still roughly 15 minutes before she was due to sail, and I hoped that she would leave while there was still light.

Berthed at QEII was Mein Schiff I, that I had seen before, and she was scheduled to sail at 20H00. I had ended up waiting for her to sail twice before and I was not going to be caught out this time. 

AIDAsol was very similar in looks to AIDAstella that I had photographed in April on her maiden arrival, I seem to think they are sisters, and they really do look quite jaunty with their lips and eyeballs. I could not see much of these though as the ship was riding very low in the dock due to the tide. 

4night 218

And of course the one part of the ship that really intrigues me.

19H00 came and went, sailing was delayed till 19H30.  Another vessel; Palanpur, sailed from 101 with some of the boat show displays on board. Why didn’t they just sail those overpriced boats instead of lugging them around on board a ship anyway? 

Why did I think this delay was going to happen? because it was that sort of day. As the light failed so the ship became more lit up. 

The 19H00 sailing became 19H45, apparently they were waiting for some passengers who had been delayed.  

Even Mein Schiff was getting impatient, smoke was coming from her funnel and I am sure that their bridge crew were as anxious as I was to see AIDAsol leave. By 19H45 she started to move from Ocean Terminal, a multi-coloured lit up ship, with matching eyeballs.  

I was shooting video of her and no sooner had she cleared the berth when they turned off most of her lights, and she became a mere pool of lights moving across my field of vision. There was a long interchange of hooters between her and MS as they passed. 

And then she was turning to port to exit the harbour, leaving Mein Schiff to get herself sailed, and myself to head off home while I still was awake. 

It had been a long day of late trains, late sailings, and poor photography. From a shipwatching perspective it had been a good one, and is probably the last good one I will have in a long time. 

Not satisfied with my pics I returned to see her sail on the 8th of October, she was berthed at City Terminal and theoretically was due to sail at 19H00. It is getting darker earlier now, and by the time I got there the light was fading very quickly. However, I was very happy with my pics.

Roughly 18H45

Roughly 18H45

Unfortunately, a Grimaldi vessel had arrived slightly before sailing time and was berthing astern of AIDAsol, so it looked like sailing would be delayed until she was alongside.
Then we heard it over the radio, sailing was delayed till 19H45. I decided to sail myself and grabbed my camera and headed off home. I knew how these things could drag out, and I was already late for supper.
I heard her blow her hooter at roughly 19H35 from my place, so I guess she really just waited till I left.
© DRW 2013-2022. Images recreated 11/04/2016. 

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