Southampton Shipwatch 30: Marina

I was hoping that the weather would be good for the arrival of MS Marina on 11 June 2013. However, another famous rain maker was also arriving, and she seemingly ruined it for us all. Royal Princess does not have a lot of luck with arriving in decent weather in Southampton. Scheduled to berth at City Terminal, the ship was the 2nd of three arrivals for the 11th. And, she came around the corner just as they were shoving Royal Princess into Ocean Terminal. She is white, and the weather just made her look even more ghostlike.

Loosely based on the Renaissance ships, she was supposedly a larger version of the design, although I don’t really see that in her. Built by Fincantieri, she is one of the two sister ships operated by Oceania Cruises. 

For some reason she reminded me of the former Royal Viking Sun, but it is probably my imagination. She is considered a mid-sized vessel, and can accommodate just over 1200 passengers. She is not unattractive though, and I am hoping that the weather will improve considerably for her sailing. 

Even her stern isn’t as awful as some I have seen recently, and I would like to know what is behind that 3 deck glassed in area.

She was due to sail at 17H00,  and I headed down to see her sail. The rain had stopped and although the sky was still dirty grey. By the time I arrived at Mayflower Park the sky was clearing a bit, and things looked promising for her 17H00 departure. The tug Svitzer Ferriby arrived too and attached herself to the stern; and once the lines were up she started to pull.
The plan seemed to be to swing the ship stern first until her bow was pointing up the channel. It suited me because there were some great angles. The sun was also sporadically popping in and out of the clouds to see how we were doing. There were even patches of blue in between the scudding clouds.

Then her ballet dance was completed and she straightened onto her new course in the channel.

She is not an ugly ship, in fact she is a really nicer looker, and isn’t festooned with water slides, lips, eyeballs, giant TV’s, poles holding her bridge up, or flying saucers above her bridge. She even has a proper bow.
And even the sun came out and gave it’s approval to our departing vessel. I was really impressed with her. A nice looking modern ship with an air of efficiency about her. In 30 years time people will look at her and regard her as a classic.

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