Southampton Shipwatch 29: Azamara Quest

Azamara Quest arrived this morning 10/06/2013 and berthed starboard side to at City Terminal.  She is one of the 8 similar Renaissance Cruises “R” sisters, and is the former R7. 


Her other sister Adonia (R8), is a regular caller in Southampton during the cruise season, and another sister: Nautica  (R5)  is arriving on the 20th. Also calling is Marina which is supposed a larger version of the R sisters. But, I will have to wait till tonight to get better pics of Azamara Quest when she sails.

I duly arrived at Mayflower by 16H45, and was just about to look for something random to photograph when I noticed that they were taking in her lines 10 minutes earlier, and shortly thereafter she started to move.
Being a small ship she doesn’t  have to sail up to the swinging grounds and can turn at her berth, and she did that remarkably quickly. This was highly unusual considering how good time keeping is no longer important in cruising.

I shifted my position a few times because the one bad thing about City Terminal is the sunlight which can really make for difficult photography. 

And then she was turned and was ready to sail up the channel. And, given what I had seen earlier, if ships had had an accelerator like a car has, they would have put their foot down. That ship was moving quickly.

By 17H10 she was well on her way.  I haven’t seen such a fast sailing in all the 29 ships I have watched so far, and she left early too! However, seeing her does reinforce my likeness for these little ships, and with a capacity of about 700 passengers they are really a good choice for a cruise.
Azamara Quest was disappearing from view very rapidly, and it was time to head off home. I did not feel like waiting for Balmoral to sail, after all, I had seen her do that a few times before.

Out of curiousity,  they originally sported a dark blue hull, and I have now seen a black hull version and a white hull version, and I must admit I like the darker hull. It is not very often that you see a cruise ship that is not painted all white, or have lips or graffiti…
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