Southampton Shipwatch 23: Caribbean Princess

The only reason I went to go see her was really to compare her against the other ships of her ilk that had called here during my time in Southampton. Theoretically her fleetmate is Crown Princess, although that ship is probably closer to Azura and Ventura than Carribean Princess is. The major difference is that Caribbean Princess still has her push handle on her stern.  Reading a bit further it appears as if Caribbean Princess is the only representative of her class (Caribbean Class), while Ventura/Azura are both Ventura Class vessels, and Crown Princess is a member of the Crown Class.

The weather when I took the pic below was much nicer than when the ship finally sailed so please excuse the very un-Caribbean like weather in the sailing images.

Sailing was set for 17H00 but it seems as if these are arbitrary figures because she only started dropping her lines at  roughly 17H20. I did not hear the safety announcements either, but it could be that the wind drowned them out. 


It was a textbook sailing, very similar to a number I had witnessed recently, and all I really wanted to see was what she looked like once she started to swing and presented her rear end to me. With visibility being very low and a slight drizzle coming and going I did not want to spend too much time at Town Quay.


And now that her rear end has been revealed I can compare it to other rear ends.

I think that when they were considering the phrase “has a stern face” they may have been referring to this pair of sterns. Overall though I was not impressed by this ship, or any of her sisters for that matter. But that is a personal opinion and I cannot say what they are like on the inside. However, they are impressive to see, especially from close by.


And then it was time to go home as the ship started to move out of view behind one of the car carriers, I couldn’t help think that they could have been distant cousins too.

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