Southampton Shipwatch 21: Adventure of the Seas

I am afraid Adventure Of The Seas was somewhat neglected today during her call in Southampton as we were holding the Maritime Festival instead. So she sat up at City while we all gallivanted around Ocean Terminal looking at the goodies. I grabbed 2 shots of her from my usual spot at Town Quay and she is reasonably interchangeable with Independence of the Seas.

Independence of the Seas

Adventure of the Seas

Independence is the bigger ship at 154 407 GRT as opposed to that of Adventure which is 137 276 GRT.

I spent most of the day at the Maritime Festival so took no other shots of her until such time as she was ready to sail, in fact I suspect most people had their eyes cast skywards looking out for the Lancaster Bomber that was due to flyover. She had to remind us of her presence with that very imposing horn of hers. 

Seeing as I was on Shieldhall the view of her sailing is slightly different from my usual spot, and it is not too bad a spot to do shipwatching from either. But the ships end up sailing with the sun behind them which is not always ideal.  The one impression I got from both the RCL ships I have seen is bulk, they are big, but their proportions are correct for a ship their size. In fact they are not unattractive ships either when compared to the Grand Class that P&O/Princess operate.


Then she was almost on top of us, and so was the Lancaster. It was a very busy few minutes. 


And as for that stern? reminds me of an iron. Can’t think why.

She is in again sometime this week, and hopefully I will get down to having a decent look at her then, but as I said before, the problem with modern ships is that once you have seen one, you have basically seen them all. 

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