Southampton Shipwatch 20: Celebrity Eclipse

Remember the long gone Amerikanis, Australis, Britannis, Ellenis, Patris, Romanza and so many other ships with the big “Chi” (X) on their blue funnels? Well, Celebrity is almost a rebranding of that famous Greek shipping line once known as Chandris. Founded in 1988 as an offshoot of Chandris, Celebrity has become the brand and Chandris is no longer.

On to our newest arrival; Celebrity Eclipse. She arrived on 3 May 2013, and berthed up at Southampton City Terminal which is where I saw her for the first time.

She is not really an ugly ship, but as usual there are aspects of her design that I do not like. The X on her funnel is a nice touch though, but I suspect very few people are even aware of the many classic ships that Chandris used to operate so many years ago.  I do think the funnels are a wee bit too small for her, but then there may be a reason for their size.


If anything she sailed on time, which was quite a surprise because I was getting used to the way the ships never seemed to sail when they were supposed to. 


I will say one thing about her, she is immaculate, and the blue glass and white in her really makes her stand out amongst some of the crop of ships that come and go. 


As she straightened out I was finally able to see her full length without too much foreshortening from the lens and could get a good look at the aft end of her. 

She is quite a handsome ship, although she seems slightly unfinished from midships backwards, Those twin funnels really could be merged into one bigger funnel and the end result would be very much nicer than it is now. Although, bear in mind that this is only my opinion. 

The tiered aft decks are there but no longer do they have the graceful curves of old that surround a lower deck pool, instead you look down over your neighbours balcony and an odd ducktail. Nope, at this point I felt very let down.

And so she headed past us and down towards Southampton Water. Chalk up yet another ship. The beautiful Oriana was next to go, but she was just sitting at Mayflower going nowhere, so I was able to appreciate watching her until she was out of sight.I believe they have beautiful interiors, and haven’t really heard anything bad about Celebrity. So maybe one day….


I have a feeling this was the day of one of the harbour cruises I did with Shieldhall. Unfortunately she did not want to play hooter games with us. 

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