Southampton Shipwatch 17: Balmoral

Balmoral, or Crown Odyssey as she was built, is another of the better looking modern cruise ships. Built for the now long gone Royal Cruise Line in 1988, she was acquired by Fred Olsen Cruises in 2006 but has sailed for a number of operators, including NCL and Orient Lines. She was lengthened in 2007, and a new deck was added to her which has somewhat spoilt her good looks. 

Crown Odyssey as built.

Calling on 27 April 2013, she was berthed up at Southampton City, and was one of four ships due to sail at 16H30. As it turns out she was the 2nd to sail out of the four. 
And, once again we had odd weather that seemed to favour her departure, and soon was moving through the harbour in glorious sunshine. 

Ventura was berthed up at Mayflower but she was did not seem to be getting ready to leave as Balmoral came past, and she was the last of the four to let go her lines and sail.

And then Balmoral was past us and heading for Southampton Water. A very pretty ship, and one that proved that a modern ship need not be a block of flats or have an odd shaped stern and poles holding up her bridge wings.
Unfortunately for Balmoral, she sailed slap bang into the middle of a rain squall and was quickly lost from view, so we turned our attention to departure number three.

More random images from other sailings:

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