Southampton Shipwatch 14: Queen Victoria

Another of those “Cunarders” that I have never seen; Queen Victoria is supposedly a better looker than Queen Elizabeth. As I write this she is 45 minutes away from sailing, and so far all pics I have of her are very bad quality ones from this mornings gray weather, and a long shot from Town Quay in the sunlight.


From afar she looks almost like Queen Elizabeth, and any other Vista Class clone. However, her design has elements that just make her look much better, it is difficult to quantify though, if anything she is closer to Arcadia than she is to Queen Elizabeth. 

She sailed just after 5pm. but turning a ship of her size around at Mayflower takes ages so I was able to walk back to Town Quay while she was turning. Eventually though she started to approach.
It is true, she is the better looker of the pair. And I really like her. She has a better “balance” to her looks, and that’s a winner in my book. Maybe one day she will be seen as one of the better looking ships afloat. 
And then she was past, heading towards Southampton Water and past the Queen Mary 2 and AIDAstella  that was waiting to sail. The weather had been very odd on this day so this bit of sunlight for her sailing was just what we needed. But would it remain like this? so far we had had rain, sunlight and hail all at the same time, so anything was possible weatherwise. 
Chalk yet another ship down as “seen” and I really liked this one. Both sisters are due on 1 May, so that will be a good opportunity to compare them. Hopefully I will be able to get a pic of them together.

Arrival 01/05/2013
And of course there was the evening sailing…
Sadly in 2017 they added in more cabins to those tiered decks, thus taking away the slight difference that made her look better than the Elizabeth. Its all about balcony cabins! 
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