Southampton Shipwatch 13: AIDAstella

Of the four ships that were scheduled for arrival on 26 April, AIDAstella was the last to arrive. The ship with a lip.  The weather had turned wet overnight and grey days and white cruise ships do not always work very well.
AIDAstella is AIDA Cruises newest ship and this may her maiden arrival at Southampton. It’s just a pity the day was so gray and miserable. She was also running slightly early which put her alongside an hour before she was due.
She was also going to berth port side to at QEII which means she had to do a turn around in full sight of the few photographers that were around. It also means we don’t have to stick around till 8pm tonight to see her sail.
To me she is too top heavy with too many odd structures on her decks, but then I prefer cleaner lines on a ship. Her characteristic logo is now very familiar as there are 10 ships sporting the lips and eyeballs, and while it is very unique it does look odd, but I expect you could get used to it, eventually.
It must be difficult keep that logo maintained. One slip up could be disastrous. The ship is geared for the German cruise market which is growing considerably, and AIDA has two new ships planned for the future.
She was almost ready to go alongside and I was almost ready to head off home. Her next call is a month away, and hopefully this time there will be some sunlight. I just hope that the weather improves for tonights sailaways
A bit later in the day I went around to check for any developments. and got a better coloured image. She was supposed to sail at 8pm that evening but by the time I got back from photographing QM2 she had still not budged.

On 19 June she was alongside at City Terminal and I managed a few other shots of her.

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