Southampton Shipwatch 12: Aurora

I missed the arrival of Aurora this morning and when I went to Town Quay she was already berthed at Mayflower. This was to be my first viewing of P&O’s Aurora.

It was a brief viewing though because the weather changed very rapidly this morning and she disappeared from view almost immediately. I would have to wait till 17H00 to get her sailing. The big debate has always raged about which is the better looker; her or Oriana. I was always biased towards Oriana, probably because I did manage to sail on her. Up till now Aurora evaded me. I did consider that the better aspects of her joined to the better aspects of Oriana would make an extremely handsome vessel. I do think she has a better funnel though, but Oriana has a better stern. The debate can rage forever. 

At just after 17H00 she blew her horn and started to move,  there was not a lot of light around due to the clouds overhead so the images are gray.  But after seeing her I can confirm that she is a handsome vessel as well. After a horn duel with Mein Schiff I, she came closer, her changing profile as she turned revealed a nice balance between superstructure and hull. She does not have stacks of flats bolted onto her superstructure.

Both ships have loyal followings, and it was always felt that she would improve on some of the shortcomings in the design of Oriana. They are similar, but not sisters. 

As far as I know both her and Mein Schiff were built in the same yard, quite a co-incidence if you think about it. Meyer Werft have built a number of modern cruise ships and she is one of the better designs. If I am not mistaken she was also ordered before the Carnival buyout.

And then she was past and heading out towards Southampton water. It had been a nice sailaway, its just a pity there wasn’t more light around. She is back on the 28th of April and I hope to get better pics of her. 

Love those tiered decks, you don’t see that anymore, just heaps of flats all stacked on top of each other. Little boxes made of ticky-tacky.

I worked baggage on her at QEII, and it was a bit less chaotic that it usually was with Oriana, although I did not work on board her. She arrived in the early mist.


and she sailed in much better weather 

I also managed some night shots of her sailing.
  qvnight 102 

She is one of the few classics still left. I just wish I had managed to get decent images of her.
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