Southampton Shipwatch 11: Mein Schiff I.

I have to admit I had no idea that Mein Schiff actually existed, but lo and behold one of them is sitting alongside Southampton City as I write this. Originally built for Celebrity cruises as Galaxy, she was transferred to TUI Cruises and renamed Mein Schiff in 2009. Arrival was for 7.00am. and she did arrive on time, which was just as well because between when I saw Aurora alongside and when she went alongside the weather went topsy turvey, from sunny to mostly cloudy. Even at the point where she went past me at Town Quay the mist was already descending, so I was lucky to get these pics.

Overall I am not too enthusiastic about the ships looks, she does look like she is sailing downhill which is probably a result of her bulky underbridge structure, short bow and odd sheer line. But, I believe these ships had very nice interiors when they were built. By the time I had footslogged from Town Quay to Mayflower Park she was almost alongside, oddly enough she is starboard side to which is going to make for a long unberthing.


Aurora was sailing at 17H00 while she was scheduled to leave at 20H00, so photography would be limited because of fading light. But I was there on time and she sailed just after 8. My pics did not come out great as I was fiddling with camera settings all the time.

The last time I had seen a night sailing was in Hong Kong in 2010. I had forgotten how special they can be with the music drifting over the water and the lights reflecting. And the ship sailing into the darkness.  Maybe it is because the photography is so difficult that I often just stand and watch.

Return to Southampton 30 April 2013

She was back in our waters on the 30th, but was moored up at QE2 so she wasn’t too easy to photograph, and she was due to sail at 20H00, so I just shot a few pics of her at long range, but I did hear her horn just after 8 from where I stay as she sailed again.


Sailing from Southampton, 23 May 2013

Caught up with her as she sailed at 20H00 on the 23rd of May, weather was strange, but lighting was great. Here are some pics from that occasion. 

mein 004
mein 021 mein 035 mein 043

The last time i saw her was on 21/09/2013 when she was up at QEII waiting for one of the AIDA boats to sail. Must admit, she was lit up very nicely, but I did not hang around to watch her sail.

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