Southampton Shipwatch 09: Adonia

Today’s arrival was the wonderful Adonia, another ship wearing the P&O logo on her side. One of 8 sister ships built for Renaissance Cruises, she is a smaller, more intimate vessel than the last lot of P&O ships I have seen in the past week. She is also the 2nd of the 8 former Renaissance sisters that I have seen, and they are all a very nice design, and she was built as “R8”.
Her arrival was for 7 am. But we both arrived at Town Quay at the same time, and I thought I would try beat her to Mayflower Park but she was faster than I was. 
The weather was rotten though and the mist made trying to spot a white cruise ship really difficult so I gave up for the morning and went home. Mayflower is at the extreme limit of my lens so I wasn’t going to get a better shot anyway. I would wait till she sailed at 4 pm.
At 4 pm she was ready to go and after some hesitation headed towards where I waited at Town Quay.  
In spite of her modern design she is still very attractive, and all her angles match each other and she just looks right. I don’t think lengthening her would make her more attractive, but scaling her up may. 

The designers at the long bankrupt Renaissance did a good job on these ships, and I believe their interiors are stunning too. The big problem was that all the ships were interchangeable, you sailed on a number, not a ship. 
Then she was out of range and another ship was crossed off my list. I had seen Nautica in Hong Kong  (R5) in 2008, but never really got decent pics of her as she sailed at night, so this was a nice catch.
Sailing 01/02/2013

I worked baggage handling on her on this day and was happy to see her a bit more close up than usual. Unfortunately I was not allowed to take pics, but I watched her sail later that afternoon. Some of her sisters are due in later this month, and hopefully I will get a chance to get pics of them as well.
Early evening sailing 22/11/2013
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