Southampton Shipwatch 08: Azura

There was only one arrival scheduled for today, namely Azura. She is of the same ilk as Ventura so it is really difficult to take pics of something you saw the other day but with a different name. The weather was glorious for her sailing which did make a nice change, its just a pity she was running late.


When I saw her this morning the weather was seriously scary, but it had improved considerably by 4pm, and by the time she actually left it was cold, but windy and sunny (all at the same time).


At some point the door in her bow opened and they started taking in her lines, but then it stopped and they started putting lines back. The party on board was loud and we could hear it at Town Quay, but that ship wasn’t going anywhere. 


I occupied myself photographing the resident pigeons and zooming in and out of parts of the superstructure, but that wasn’t helping the ship sail. At one point I almost gave up but there was movement up near the far end of the harbour and I was curious to see what was going to come out from there. Eventually I moved my position where I was out of the wind, and just as I became even more restless her horns sounded and the lines started to be taken in. 


She was finally on her way. It was almost a repetition of the Ventura sailing, but with more light, so I didn’t shoot heaps of pics, but tried different pics instead.

azura 187


Even a token appearance by one of the Red Jet ferries, just to show that I didn’t cheat and just change the name on the ship.

That was Azura. She was barely out of sight when a container ship came past. CMA CGM Lavender.

 I believe another of the clones will be in later this month, I may have to try something else for that sailing.

22 April 2013 Southampton.

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