Southampton Shipwatch 06: Arcadia

Now if Arcadia looks familiar it is because she is very similar to Queen Elizabeth in design, although most would agree she is a better looker than the Cunard vessel. On the day she called she was berthed up at Mayflower, which is probably the place furthermost from anywhere, so pics of her were difficult. She also had to compete with Oriana and Saga Sapphire for our affections, so she was to be the second fiddle after all. I headed off to Hythe that morning specifically because of Oriana (and the chance to ride a ferry).

At the maximum zoom on my camera that was as close as I could get. And trying to get her from Hythe was not working. It would have to be sailaway images from Town Quay. First to leave was Saga Sapphire, then Oriana and then Ventura, with Arcadia last in the queue. 

She is not an unattractive ship, although compared to Oriana she doesn’t even place in the looks race. It is the block of flats look that really ruins her and so many of the modern cruise ships. 


Then she was past us, heading towards her next destination.She is not a totally ugly ship, there are much worse afloat, and in many years time people will consider her to be a beautiful ship. But they must just remember, she is a cookie cutter, just like so many other identical ships with only minor differences.  The day was done. 4 Ships in one day. What a rush! It must have been really spectacular to see the seven P&O ships that sailed from Southampton in one day. 

Sailing 23 May 2013. 

I decided to see whether I could photograph her from the Itchen Bridge, and the end result wasn’t too awful.  Unfortunately I never seemed to get decent pics of her in decent weather.

On 21 July she was berthed at Ocean Terminal and I got better sailing pics. but sadly none from the front.


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