Southampton Shipwatch 04: Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth is just another attempt to cash in on the popularity of the QE2 and the Cunard brand. If you look closely enough you will see she is of the same ilk as the Arcadia, although the Arcadia is better looking. I saw her on the day I arrived in Southampton, and watched her late sailing too.


In my opinion (and many others), her fleetmate: Queen Victoria, is a better looker though, it probably has to do with the stern and the flying saucer above the bridge.


She is due in here again during April and I hope to get better images of her, hopefully the QV will be in as well so that I can compare the two of them. She was also the first ship that I worked baggage on. 

Queen Elizabeth. 19 April 2013.




Arrival 01/05/2013
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