South African Heavy Artillery Memorial: Pretoria

125th (Transvaal) Siege Battery:  Pretoria

These photographs of the South African Heavy Artillery Memorial in Pretoria  (Specifically the 125th (Transvaal) Siege Battery), were taken on 03 June 2012. Special thanks to Carl Hoehler for the  information on where this memorial can be found, as well as additional information on the 6 guns that made up the memorials to the South African Heavy Artillery. Unlike the two memorials that I already have photographs of  (PE and JHB), there is no ROH attached to this memorial.  It is fenced and in a reasonably good condition too, although there are a number of vagrants using the park as a resting place.  This 6-inch 26-cwt howitzer is one of 6 brought back from France and Flanders to be part of the memorials to the South African Heavy Artillery that were established in major centres in South Africa. The inscription reads as follows:

To the Glorious Memory of all ranks of the South African Heavy Artillery, who gave their lives during the Great War 1914-1918. Their lives they gave for their country; for themselves they won honour that shall not fade. Theirs is the most splendid monument, not where they lie buried but in the hearts of all who recalling what they did keep their glory unforgotten.

This Pretoria Memorial to the SAHA may be found at Google Earth Co-ordinates    25°44’37.50″S, 28°12’31.18″E.

The 6 Memorials to the Heavy Artillery May be found in: (Open in new page)

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