Someone is watching you.

Southampton, like many old cities in the UK has retained a portion of their former city walls, although making sense of them is quite difficult considering how the city has changed over the years. One of my favourite discoveries amongst these remnants is a statue that leans over the walls, watching what goes on beneath…

azura 108

The statue is of John Le Fleming, former Mayor of Southampton from 1295 till 1336, and I suspect he may be looking with distaste at the consumerism that happens at the nearby shopping mall.

Continuing with this portion of the walls you would come to the Bargate which served in  variety of roles during it’s existence. 

Alas, the Southampton that John Le Fleming looked over was very different to what it is now, even the shore has moved much further away and a large portion has been reclaimed and made into what is known as the Western Docks. 

So next time you come out of West Quay laden with parcels with designer labels, remember that somebody is watching you from the walls and is probably not impressed.

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