SIA Evaluation: Sanrasm North Site

On 10 September 2010 I was unofficially included in the team that went to Sanrasm to evaluate the collection and make recommendations. These are the images taken at North Site. The biggest obstacle that was faced was that North Site was no longer connected to South Site or to the line to Magaliesburg that divided the two sites. Moving anything would involve a crane, and there weren’t really funds to do this. Some very difficult decisions had to be made though, and I am glad that logic finally overcame pig headedness. In my opinion North Site had the real gems, but the conditions of the equipment realistically made them only fit for scrap. The coaches were rotten, the locos rusted away, and the chopped up Garrett collection still angered everybody.

These are probably amongst the last images taken of these two sites before they started being rationalised.

Class 1 No.1277
Fireless locos
The “shed”
Henschel tank loco
Derelict steam rollers
Class 13, ex H2 Tank
O&K 0-4-0 Well-Tank
Torpedo tender
Steam roller
1/2/3 class balcony 6086
Engineers caboose
Scrap line
Engineers caboose
2nd Class E-16 8868
0-10-0 Henschel Diesel 18489
Hopper wagon
Breakdown crane
4 Wheeler
abandoned water tank
S class tender
Fireless loco
Drakensburg SB Van
Underground loco
Bag van
Avonside 0-4-0 side-tank 1624
Class S -367

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