Seasons Greetings

Tomorrow is Christmas, which means that it is technically Christmas Eve. Guess what? I have not heard Boney M once this year, and that is excellent! 
I have however seen lots of Christmassy goodies and overpriced gifts, I have seen commercial take precedence over good taste, and I am afraid I have seen many strangely decorated houses. It is after all, the season to be jolly…. (whatever that means).
In short I would like to wish all my fans and friends and family (and other things beginning with an “f”) a Merry Christmas, and as much overeating as you can bear.  I will not really be overdoing it tomorrow, but if the weather is nice I may head off grave hunting. That’s a good way to spend the day.  Unfortunately I have some tough decisions to make by the end of the yeat, and they may cloud my seasonal cheer. But, be rest assured I shall eat chocolate sometime in the next few days.


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