Roll of Honour. St John’s College, Houghton

St John’s College in Houghton has a very strong connection to the military, and there are two chapels on the premises. The larger chapel houses the Roll of Honour, whereas the Crypt Chapel has the Delville Wood Cross in it. I have dealt with that chapel in a previous post and this post really deals with the Roll of Honour. Unfortunately my images are less than satisfactory, but I was pushed for time and was not able to concentrate on what I was photographing, which is probably why it has taken so long for these images to appear in the first place.

I really started working on the Roll of Honour as a result of my involvement with “Lives of the First World War”, and really looked at the 1914-1918 portion of the Roll of Honour and created a community for it. I had hoped to be able to tie a name into a specific record but I was not always successful. The problem really is that some names tie into a number of possibles, or don’t tie into anybody and without more details I am just unable to do anything except guess, and even then I cannot. The results here may not be correct and I do welcome any help with them.  

The inscriptions are on wooden panels and it was not easy to read them which is why I took an image with the flash and an image without one.  Images link to either CWGC or South African War Graves Project. There are 4 sections to this page: World War 1, World War 2, Post World War, Private Memorials.  The limitations of WordPress have really messed around with how this ROH was laid out and I have had to compromise with the image above the ROH for that panel. I was just not able to do it any other way. 

World War 1

CA Bailey (1)
R O Bettington
S. Dunstan (2)
A.Eastwood (3)
A Fraser (4)
W. Hirst (5)
R. Johnstone (6)
C.D. King (7)
H. Mallett DCM
S Marsh (8)
R. Martin (9)
J Peters (10)
B. Stokes (11)
W. Ware-Austin (12)


  1. CA Bailey. No possible candidate found
  2. S Dunstan. There are two possibles at CWGC but no way to tie either of them to the ROH.
  3. A Eastwood. No possible candidate found
  4. A Fraser. Possible candidate
  5. W Hirst. No possible candidate found
  6. R Johnstone. Two possibles but no way to positively tie them to the ROH
  7. CD King. Many possibles but nothing to tie them into the ROH
  8. S Marsh. Two possibles but no way to positively tie them to the ROH
  9. R Martin. Many possibles but no way to positively tie them to the ROH
  10. J Peters. Many possibles but no way to positively tie them to the ROH
  11. B Stokes. No possible candidate found
  12. W. Ware-Austin. No possible candidate found.

World War 2

L. Adams (2)
P.H. Andrews (3)
H.C. Campbell (4)
G. Cherrington (5)
B.D. Havnl (1)
J.A. Hill (7)
R. MacDonald (8)
D.F. Murray (9)


B.P. Purves (10)
F.M. Reim (11.)


Post World War 2

M.D. Reitz  (1952)

C.H.C.R. Stewart (12)

R.H. Mentis (1963)

P.N. Gettliffe (12)

D.A. Carshalton (1976)

D.R. Mitchell (12)

A Gordon-Bennett (1978)

A. De Kiewiet (12)

  1. Surname appears to be Havnl but this may be missing characters.
  2. May be
  3. May be
  4. Two possibles but not able to confirm which it is
  5. No data on a G Cherrington
  6. Aka known as Baratt, Thomas Oxenham Gordon
  7. Two possibles but no way of checking which it is
  8. May be
  9. Two possibles but not enough information
  10. May be,-brian-percival/
  11. Initials are given as M.F on grave
  12. No record found

Private Memorials.

I saw two private memorials amongst the panels.

Hugh Grier Mertens
Cyprian Ryland Jenkin
Tom Michael Glanvill Jenkin

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