The Robertville War Memorial

I have to admit that this World War 1 Memorial in Robertville/Stormill on the West Rand came as a surprise. For starters there is nothing written about this Memorial, it came totally out of the blue.

Given its location and proximity to old mining areas it is related to one of the mines that was around in the early 1900’s. Situated just off Main Reef Road next to Stormill, it has now become more of a derelict structure than an important part of history. Special thanks must go to Terry Cawood who notified me about it, and Giel Nel who took the first pics. For want of a better name I originally designated it as Robertville War Memorial, although the memorial is on the former property of CMR making it the CMR War Memorial.

I took these images on 31 August 2011 and I was notified in November 2012 that the memorial had been removed. Whether it was reclaimed by its owners, or stolen I cannot say, but sadly it can now be classified as extinct. Apart from the Roll of Honour, the only markings on it were:

A Remembrance to all who served in the Great War

Erected as a token of respect & esteem to those who who fell in the Great War

Erected by their fellow employees, erected 05 December 1920

The memorial is very similar in design to that of the Ferreira Deep and Kingston Frost memorials in Johannesburg.  

The Memorial was located at Google Earth Co-ordinates 26° 12.004’S, 27° 56.436’E, and its current whereabouts are unknown.

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