Rifle Brigade Memorial in Hobart Place

This Memorial to the men from the Rifle Brigade is situated at the junction of Grosvenor Gardens and Hobart Place SW1, London.

Like many memorials it was probably originally intended for casualties of World War One, and was adapted to commemorate those of World War Two after that conflict. It was unveiled on 25 July 1925 by the Colonel-in-Chief of The Rifle Brigade, Field Marshal Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, and dedicated by the Chaplain-General to the Forces, Reverend Alfred Jarvis.  In 1970 the memorial was listed at Grade II; it was upgraded to Grade II* in 2016 

And, like so many others, it was a “spotted from the bus” memorial. I tried on numerous occasions to get decent images of the memorial but the traffic was very heavy at this intersection, and the weather would never co-operate with my endeavours.

The three bronze soldiers were created by the Scottish artist John Tweed,   

(1205 x 786)

Google Earth co-ordinates are: 51.497988°,  -0.147082°

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