Return to the Park

Miss Emily had been hinting that it was time to go to the park again because she needed to have some exercise after her long winter hibernation. “Miss Emily, dolls do not hibernate” 

“Well I did, Winter was soooooo long and boring I would have fallen asleep if I had sleep eyes” she retorted.

So I relented and the two of us traipsed up the hill to the local park. actually I did the traipsing, Miss Emily just kind of hung on. Unfortunately there were kids in the park which made taking pics awkward, so I was not to get all of the pics I wanted.

The first thing she tried out was called “The Collider” and frankly I have no idea what it was supposed to do. Miss Emily however knew what to do and she twiddled the big yellow wheel, causing the balls inside to  tumble. 

“This is the kids version of the Large Hardon Collider“, she said knowingly, “I can create sub-atomic particles with this. now if only I knew what sub-atomic particles are!” she admitted.

Next on her list was the roundabout,  she really wanted to go whizzing around at breakneck speed but a munchkin kept on sidling closer out of curiosity and I wanted to avoid having her in my viewfinder.

“Gee, this doesn’t go very fast” she said, “how am I supposed to go flying off at this speed?”

She then tried a strange metal contraption…. it bounces and turns and looks very uncomfortable.

“Oh I like this goodie, we need one at home.” 

“No we don’t!”

“Spoilsport! I am going to pout on the jungle gym thingey!”

“Miss Emily, you are doing it wrong!”

“I am? I was just checking.”

“Miss Emily, your hair is a mess. Where is your hat?” Miss Emily had a knack of loosing her hat, and never knowing where it was.

“I dunno, I could not find it, I think it ran away with the dish and the spoon.”

“That is what you said last time. You look tired Miss Pouty Face, let’s go home.”

“I am, I am. all this activity makes my tummy wobbly.”

and so we headed off for home where we will try to find her hat. 

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