Retrospective: Uitenhage Cenotaph

These photographs of the Uitenhage War Memorial are courtesy of Ronnie Lovemore and are used with permission. This page was moved from AAS after a lot of images were affected by the random image re-orientation problem. 

Interesting enough it has plaques from both World Wars, as well as the Korean War and the Border War, There is also a plaque commemorating the sacrifice of “The Faithful men of the Native and Coloured Races…”. Images of the other plaques are available on request.

This memorial can be found at Google Earth Co-ordinates   33° 46.155’S, 25° 23.988’E.

Underneath “Glorious” in the image above are additions to the memorial for those who lost their lives during the Border War and on National Service, at the time the images were taken one of the name plates had been removed. 

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