Retrospective: Uitenhage and Districts Boer War Memorial

These photographs of the Uitenhage Boer War Memorial are courtesy of Ronnie Lovemore. This page was removed from AAS and moved to musings after it was affected by the random image re-orientation issue that crept in.

In early April 2015, the statute was vandalised by a group of uneducated thugs from the “EFF” who tried to set fire to it. The statue was reportedly not badly damaged but the plinth was blackened. It is doubtful that anybody will be brought to book for the vandalism. On the 6th of April the Horse Memorial in Port Elizabeth was badly vandalised by another group with the same affiliations. The statue of the soldier was knocked off the statue completely.

This memorial has been moved from its original position at   33°46.152’S,   25° 24.015’E  and may now found at Google Earth Co-ordinates   33°46.180’S  25°24.024’E.  These images are from 2011 and this many no longer be true. 

© DRW 2011-2021. Created 11/06/2011. Photo’s © Ronnie Lovemore. Moved to blog 04/02/2014, updated 06/04/2015. Moved to Musings 20/12/2020

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